Dances With Wolves actor Nathan Chasing Horse arrested on sexual assault charges

Nathan Lee Chasing His Horse, an actor in Dances with Wolves and now known as Nathan Chasing Horse, was arrested in Nevada for sexual assault after a raid on his home.

The former actor is said to have become a cult leader and was accused of abusing “young local girls over a period of two decades,” according to The Associated Press.

Chasing Horse was reportedly arrested after SWAT officers searched the home he shares with his five wives after months of investigation. He is best known for playing Smiles a Lot in the film directed by Kevin Costner.

Authorities reportedly received a tip in October 2022 about Chasing Horse, believed to be a leader of a cult called The Circle.

According to the search warrant, Chasing Horse has had sexual allegations against him in states like Montana, South Dakota and Nevada dating back to the early 2000s. Authorities have already identified six of the alleged victims, some as young as 13.

The document also states that Chasing Horse was banned from the Fort Peck Reservation, Montana, in 2015 following allegations of human trafficking.

Writer: Armando Tinico

Source: Deadline

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