"i am not a reptile" : Daniel Riolo and Jean-Michel Aulas openly react to OL’s situation

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Daniel Riolo shared a message on Twitter criticizing the management of Olympique Lyon, while Jean-Michel Aulas personally responded to the journalist to defend his club…
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Daniel Riolo wasted no time in making his mark on Twitter. His advisor is back on the social network after taking a break for months as he was exiled for insulting some internet users. RMC managed to recover around 600,000 subscriber accounts. And the journalist quickly resumed his habits, speaking without jargon on the hot topics of football news.

So Daniel Riolo talked about the sporting status of Olympique Lyonnais. 9to With just 25 points in Ligue 1, the club is far from their goal and has a series of disappointing results. located inAfter Foot Then he sarcastically pointed his finger at OL’s potential targets to get stronger in the winter transfer window: “It seems OL is thinking of (Florian) Thauvin or (Bertrand) Traoré… I don’t know who is thinking of OL but we’ll have to stop thinking at this stage, this guy’s situation is more and more worrying every day. club…

Only here, Daniel Riolo relied on a parody account to base his criticism. And this did not escape the notice of Jean-Michel Aulas: “Daniel, you got a joke, I hope your other information is better controlled (I doubt). Do not stupidly believe everything you read on the Internet. Be careful, I’m not a reptile, the earth is not flat and we went to the moon!” To which Géraldine Maillet’s friend replied: “But I know Jean-Michel, let’s see… The problem is that behind this joke (I never mentioned knowledge), so there is a truth behind this joke: your mistakes that have been repeated over the years… On the other hand, this is indisputable information.

In a new tweet, Daniel Riolo made sure OL was aware he wasn’t sharing basic information about a possible interest in Florian Thauvin or Bertrand Traoré:So let’s be honest, I didn’t know about this account and I couldn’t think of any information… The tweet made me laugh a lot and I wanted to use it to talk about OL’s mediocre sports policy… Here you go. … And the worst part is that it’s almost possible.“Actually, according to information from Mexican media TV AztecLyon would be genuinely interested in the possible arrival of Florian Thauvin this winter, the latter having seen his contract broken by the Tigers. Daniel Riolo then ended his fight with Jean-Michel Aulas with these words: “Ah, I forgot… There’s still time. Best wishes for 2023. OL may once again be a football club that evokes more than jokes and trolls…


Source: Programme Television