"It’s okay if it bothers people" : Why are the creators of The Last of Us laughing at fan reviews?

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To adapt the series The Last of Us video game, Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin chose to alter certain elements of the plot. Changes that have come under criticism from some purists. But nothing to worry or bother the two men. Descriptions.
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Available on Prime Video since January 16, To Our End event series of the moment. It immerses the viewer in a post-apocalyptic world. “Twenty years after the destruction of modern civilization, a surviving survivor Joel is hired to help 14-year-old Ellie escape an oppressive quarantine zone. What was a small job soon turns into a tedious job. Adventure throughout the United States” denotes the official summary.

To turn the video game into a series, Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin made some key changes from the original plot. An example of how the fungus that turns people into zombies is transmitted or Tess’s death. (Spoiler alert). The latter dies in the series after receiving a letter if he is killed by soldiers in the video game for allowing Joel and Ellie to escape. “fatal kiss” from an infected person.

“you ruined it”

If these changes are accepted by the public, some purists may regret these differences between the game and the series. Critics understood by two creators what’s left of us without taking them into account. “I’m waiting for a reaction for a simple sneeze. I think it’s a testament to the kind of fans we have who are so protective and love the world and these characters so much that without the full context of what that means, for whatever they see as change, they just assume the worse. Refuse”Explained to Neil Druckmann variation points out that he regrets not thinking about some things while creating the game.

“It’s okay if it pisses people off, I don’t blame them. Everyone dreams of working on something where there is this level of fan engagement, where people talk about it and get excited about it. Sometimes I just feel like you have to see it.” How it will go.. A lot has happened, but there will definitely be people who say “You screwed this up” and I understand that. I know we can’t make everyone happy.”finished Craig Mazin.

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