Cyril Hanouna refuses the Complément d’Enquête (France 2), which will devote a report to him: “I am not doing any interviews” (VIDEO)

The France 2 investigation program is preparing a topic about Cyril Hanouna, who reacted to the news in “TPMP” on Tuesday, January 24, 2023…

This Tuesday, January 24 6 to 7 at C8, just before don’t touch my TVCyril Hanouna announced the France 2 research program live to his audience. more research He prepares a report dedicated to him. The host then started a playful celebration with the music booming on set, causing the audience to applaud and chant: “He’s really, he’s really, he’s really outstanding!“.

Extraordinary, this must be seen… Extraordinary, absolutely! Cyril Hanouna He deserves his portrait in the Complément d’Enquête and we trust TPMP to greet our cameras behind the scenes.. Deal?said journalist Tristan Waleckx, reacting on Twitter. more research. However, it may be difficult to convince the presenter and producer. TPMPwho doesn’t seem ready to help the show. “They called my assistant, they want to interview him! I, I don’t do interviews… You know where people know where to find me, huh… They see me every night, I won’t be interviewing anymore!‘ cried Cyril Hanouna on the set, which had been at war with France Télévisions for several days.

Cyril Hanouna, who is really rare in the media, nevertheless took the time to give an interview to The Guardian. Parisian On May 31st Last year, if various figures such as Michel Drucker, Édouard Philippe and even Magali Berdah have agreed to be faced with more cash questions than Tristan Waleckx, Cyril Hanouna is unwilling to succumb to this dangerous practice for the time being.

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Source: Programme Television

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