Louise Bourgoin (Sister, Art): "I found myself particularly ugly"

Arte is broadcasting tonight “The Nun,” a drama based on Guillaume Nicloux’s novel by Diderot, in which Louise Bourgoin turns into an evil superior mother…

Suzanne returned to the convent when she was only 16 years old. Despite her reluctance, her family wants her to stay there for as long as possible, for what they claim is financial. Suzanne must confront the moods of the hierarchy as she continues to demand that her vows be revoked. The brutality of one parent who has sworn to make her life hell, the suffocating advances of another. Suzanne must surely overcome the brutality of the abbey to regain her lost freedom…

Not known as a sadistic and cruel nun, Louise Bourgoin stars as Sister Christine, who vows to make a young novice’s life hell. I look like a medieval gargoyle with dentures spoiling my mouth. I wear a corset under my dress like the nuns of the time, and I wanted the corset to be as tight as possible to keep me straight like an ‘i’.”. Indicates the actress who added: “JI found myself particularly ugly“.

Nun, Wednesday, January 25 at 20:50 at Arte.

Vivian Pescheux

Source: Programme Television

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