Extended families: Life in the XXL (TF1): Mario Romero explains how he imposed Souad on the gypsy community

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Yesterday, Tuesday, January 24th, TF1 aired a new episode of “Extended families: Life in XXL” where Mario Romero announced his marriage to Souad. She talked about their couple’s difficult beginnings due to their different cultures.
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The Romeros are among the favorite families of the TF1 show. On Tuesday, January 24, the channel released a new episode. Large families: life in the XXL That Mario confides in his complicated beginnings with his wife, Souad. Although the love between them never ends, the couple struggled to make their families accept each other’s different cultures. Indeed, Souad is of Algerian descent and Mario is a member of the gypsy community that people tend to marry. “among them” as the father of the family pointed out.

“that’s what i want”

“At the beginning of our marriage, it wasn’t won because we came from two different cultures,” Souad began in front of the TF1 cameras. Let’s continue by stating that he has neither family. “didn’t interfere” because “The mix was complex”. Mario did not let himself be defeated and decided to go even further, imposing his love for Souad on his family. “I went to see my father and said to him, ‘I want him even if he’s not a gypsy'”, he remembered. At that time, his understanding father decided to accept his son’s choice. He said to me, ‘Son, if this is your happiness, take it’.trusted Mario. Today, the couple heads a happy XXL family and each accepts the other’s community. “I respect my wife’s culture, she respects mine”, he insisted. Then to indicate with humor, otherwise “dock” sud. The latter reacted with the joy of living as we know it: “I’m having fun, I’m having fun, it’s me who likes to dance more”.

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