12 noon shoot (TF1): Stéphane finally reacts to criticism from Twittos

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Eliminated from the “12 noon shoots” last Friday, January 20, Stéphane finally spoke about all the criticism received via social networks, including Twitter, where Internet users were the most violent.
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Stephane reigned 12 beats of noon From August 20, 2022, before being eliminated on Friday, January 20. The game master reassured many of our colleagues, including Télé Loisirs, where he finally shared his thoughts on the constant criticism of him on Twitter. Indeed, nearly every day since last August, the nominee has fallen victim to fierce criticism on the blue bird network. Many were the ones who denounced the fact that it would be favored by the production to stay on the show as long as possible. old master back then 12 strokes at noon He had explained not to be on social networks and not to be aware of everything said about him unless his friends let him know.

“With the excuse of working in a factory”

The game’s fifth greatest champion, Jean-Luc Reichmann, first said: “I knew people would break the sugar on my back saying I was privileged or that I had an auricle”. And to continue the class humiliation he was a victim of: “Some people think I’m stupid under the pretext of working in a factory… If they think they’re that smart, let them come to the set. It’s easy to criticize from home”. Nathalie Lecoultre’s friend who was present during Stéphane’s interview also wanted to react to these repeated criticisms. “I think Stéphane’s strength is in hearing but ignoring criticism. He knew he’d get beaten up by accepting television. That’s still a great testament to his intelligence. He can be proud of his career., Jean-Luc assured. In conclusion: “I accept criticism when it’s constructive, otherwise I dismiss it”.

The guest of Monday, January 23 yesterday don’t touch my TVAt C8, Stéphane relied on his school career. “I was stupid because I was bored. On the other hand, in history, just listening to the teacher’s lecture… I recorded thumping! He even thought I was pumping during exams”, said Cyril in front of Hanouna. And the second to query it: “What are you watching on TV to find out about all this?“. “Everything that is documentaries, interviews, series and movies. I learn a little about everything. Sometimes I remember things without knowing it… During the performances, I was faced with questions, shaking”He finished Haut-Marnais proud of his career. 12 beats of noon.

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