Remember the words (France 2): two new records from Manon!

Manon surpasses himself with every participation in “Don’t Forget The Words”. The nomination hit two new records, including one previously held by Margaux.

This morning Nagui posted a short video of his Maestra and wrote: “Bravo Manon!!! 375,000 Euros / 43rd victory. See you at 18:40.”. The nominee continues to surprise the host, rightfully so! However, he admitted that he had no ambition to replace Margaux at the start of the best Maestros podium in the game, explaining: “I don’t think I’ll go that far. I know it’s too high and there’s a long way to go as far as Margaux. I’ll try to push myself and do my best.”.

“You will never have this in life”

Yesterday, Monday, January 23, Manon was successful for the 32nd time. “bring the bell”, going all the way flower powerA song by Laurent Voulzy. As part of the test of the same song played in the duel, the candidate thus reached the game number 1 record that Margaux has so far held. Nagui points to the current situation at the end of his comment. Maestra’s new record. “This is not just any bell. The 32nd is as much as Queen Margaux, who came in with a sum of 530,000 euros!”, underlined Mélanie Page’s husband. And it didn’t stop there! during the second issue don’t forget the lyrics, the nominee managed to win an additional 20,000 euros, increasing the prize pool to 375,000 euros after 43 entries. Because of this, he surpassed Hervé, who was eliminated in 2016… “Crazy! (…) You passed Hervé for 361,000 euros! (…) That means the next one is Jennifer for 388,000 euros. Nothing compared to everything you can do!”, pointed to Nagui once more. And Manon responds: “It’s crazy because when he got all this, I said to myself, ‘but you’re never going to have that in life.”. See you tonight at 18:40 on France 2 to explore the candidate’s new exploits.

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