It’s finally Black Friday in Parfois: nine bags, shoes, and knit sweaters with everything to sell

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The countdown is over: we can start Black Friday. As always, the signings awaited the official celebration day (the day after Thanksgiving), but things changed. Now, every house starts discounts whenever and however it wants.

For example, while we can buy an endless array of products at incredible prices at the Mango Outlet, we still have to wait until sunset on November 24 for Zara lovers.

Parfois is one of the brands that launched offers today. to be specific, via at 19:00 apps. The entire Parfois catalog benefits from discounts ranging from -20% (mostly) to -50%.

After browsing the company’s online catalog for a while, we have our official favorites list in the form of bags, shoes and knitted sweaters. Models that stand out and rely on the latest trends A smart purchase if you’re going to use it.


Black Friday De Parfois 1

Leather tote bag. €49,9939.99 euros.

Black Friday De Parfois 2

Fur bag. €22,9918.39 euros.

Black Friday De Parfois 3

Party bag. €29.9923.99 euros.


Black Friday De Parfois 4

Military boots. €45,9936.49 euros.

Black Friday De Parfois 5

Leather slippers. €49,9924.99 euros.

Black Friday De Parfois 6

Chunky loafers. €45,9936.79 euros.

knit sweater

Black Friday De Parfois 7

Jacquard knit sweater. €32,9926.39 euros.

Black Friday De Parfois 8

Klein blue knit sweater. €32,9926.39 euros.

Black Friday De Parfois 9

Overalls. €32,9926.39 euros.

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