It’s not all Black Friday at Zara: nine strass accessories that can change your Christmas look (no discount)

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Companies are gearing up for an avalanche of orders, and our checking account trembles at the thought of it: Black Friday 2022 is just around the corner with meaty discounts that could keep us overspending. But beyond these days of instant Zara sales, the Spanish firm fascinates us with a range of products. rhinestone studded accessories Perfect for this Christmas. Original, elegant and groundbreaking, these pieces can transform your wardrobe.


We don’t know if you’re planning to go to the Venice Carnival next year or if you’re throwing a masquerade party this Christmas, but the truth is, any excuse is good to buy an accessory with these features. Made in Zara. With ears, feathers and lots of glitter, this version that Ariana Grande will fall in love with will stun the wand and make us the center of attention. On sale for 35.95 euros, this supplement wants to break everything.

Black Friday Zara Strass 001

Whether it’s to hide dark circles caused by a night out or to mark a look worthy of someone else. masquerade luxury: this hard version with feather and jewel application wants to be the jewel in the crown. It retails for 35.95 euros and is also available in black.

Black Friday Zara Strass 02

Star complement to create dreamy hairstyles

We know that the fashion and beauty world has been explaining something hard to miss for months: Kepler and turbans are in the limelight, and the Spanish firm is aware of it. Using his mastery, he presents us with a turban this winter. rhinestones It can give a lot of play to our Christmas outfits.

Black Friday Zara Strass 03

Although for those looking for a more striking difference, this hat was created for them knowing that originality and elegance go hand in hand.

Black Friday Zara Strass 04

Bras that are a jewel

More and more girls dare to wear jeweled bras first of all. Whether it’s to dress up a sweater, add a twist to a simple basic tee, or capture the sexiest look by storm, this strappy design was created to break hearts.

Black Friday Zara Strass 05

However, the brand doesn’t offer just one design: This tougher version that mimics a butterfly is perfect for wearing even over a jacket.

Black Friday Zara Strass 06

If you have a rhinestone top, you have it all

There is no doubt that the most emblematic piece of the Spanish firm during this Christmas comes in the form of a ball. rhinestones. With its halter neck, chains and rhinestones of different sizes, this design promises to create a sensation.

Black Friday Zara Strass 07

With tassels and straight lines, this version has everything to blend in with any design in our wardrobe. Transforming the dress completely bored Simple we have, this piece wants to get us out of any trouble.

Black Friday Zara Strass 08

Versatile and stylish, this metallic top with shimmer will let us play with all the pieces in our wardrobe.

Black Friday Zara Strass 09

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