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For many, financial literacy is not just a term, it has become the practical knowledge we use in everyday life. They teach him, give separate courses and even organize festivals (yes, we didn’t know either!). However, there are still those who are skeptical about this issue. This is just, in our opinion, futile. Indeed, in a rather unstable time, an airbag can save you from unnecessary stress, which is perhaps already enough. And it is worth admitting that in the usual rhythm of life, some savings are never superfluous.

That’s why we decided to take a closer look at financial literacy in order to get on the “right track” and stop consuming all salaries on the first day. And honestly, with the principles of saving money, which, by the way, will also be useful to you. And the financial advisor and “Where is the money going?” The author of the book helped us with this. Julia Sakharovskaya.

Yulia Sakharovskaya, financial advisor and Where Does the Money Go?

Where to start?

Analyze your income. Monitor your cash flow – income and expenses. To repair them. Understand where the money is going. You can’t manage what you don’t value.

find more about situations where people don’t save money. What challenges did they face in life? Watch people around you – who saves, who does not save, which is more successful? What do you want?

Optimize your spending. Goals are more important than current desires. For the latter, you can apply the rule: it is better to postpone until tomorrow what you really want to buy today. If you don’t change your mind by tomorrow, buy it.

Set a financial goal. When you do, reward yourself with something enjoyable.

How to save?

Start small. Get a piggy bank / box / jar, to which you will add 100 rubles per day. Such a small amount will reduce your alertness, and in a year it will be 36 and a half thousand.

Automate your savings. Allow a certain amount to be automatically deposited on the date of receipt of income / only on a convenient date.

To delay. Make at least 10% of every income or whatever you can before you spend it.

Exaggeration. If the savings prove too inconvenient and/or you cut expenses too much, the opposite effect can occur.

Where to save?

In current conditions, it depends on the amount of capital and goals.

– The reserve fund in rubles in the amount of family expenses for 6-12 months can be kept on deposit in a trusted bank.

– If it’s cash, you can still pull out the drawers or jars for a while.

– But the most convenient is the deposit of your card, from which the amount available to you is automatically deducted.

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