Adding style and movement to autumn, New Balance sneakers are on sale at El Corte Inglés

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Slippers are one of us should have so many favorites we are never enough -it is a danger to look for innovations, we want them all- and we like to change the model every time, to create. clothes comfortable plus cool.

And if there’s one brand that’s been creating best-selling offers that have monopolized our wishlist for several seasons, it’s undoubtedly New Balance. your cool shoes nostalgic They have a sweet touch that we love, and they’re also usually pretty easy to put together.

new balance

The good news is that it’s one of our favorites, especially New Balance 57/40 -perfect for a right foot into autumn- El Corte is so discounted in Ingles that resisting is not an option.

But before we get into the price issue, we offer you compelling reasons to keep up with it: the cream color combines with any outfit, its design. nostalgic a pure trend and slightly thick sole a touch of y2k we love

about some sneakers with presence but also discreet, we can even wear it for work. we are one with 30% discount with 110 77 euros.

New Balance 57/40 Women's Casual Sneakers

New Balance 57/40 Women’s Casual Sneakers

RRP €77.00 at El Corte Ingles

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