Three products (plus a few homemade tricks) to clean silver where our jewelry will look like new

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Silver is a noble material where it resides, occupying a large part of our jewelry, ornaments and decorative accessories. This material may be our best ally for years, but requires maintenance. We’re not talking about a lot of work, we’re talking about a special pampering to make it look as flashy as the first day.

Clean Silver 2

Decoesfera experts point out that “we need to distinguish between silver bought today, which in fact leaves no more stains than other metals due to the processes it has undergone, and old silver, which darkens in a short time. And you need to constantly polish and shine”. a) Yes, Depending on the type of silver we have on hand, we will need some kind of maintenance.

New silverware almost does not tarnish. That way they cause little trouble. In its place, old silver is more complex“If we want it to be shiny all the time, we need to clean it thoroughly once a month and polish it every week,” the experts point out. But don’t worry, there is a cure-all.

First, we will talk about popular home remedies. If you’re not too convinced, there are certain products on the market to guarantee your shot.

home remedies to clean silver

First of all, we would like to remind you of the reason why silver tarnishes (it is essential to know what we are dealing with). In an article dedicated to how to clean Decoesfera silver, “the reason is not oxidation, as many people believe, but actually silver is not oxidized, but ratherreacts with sulfur or hydrogen sulfide and turns black as a result of this reaction.

Among the home remedies they recommend, Highlights vinegar mixed with baking soda, while there are people who prefer lemon. They also add that you can use toothpaste or ketchup dissolved in water. They also recommend dripping a few drops of turpentine on a piece of cotton and making objects float with it.

Silver cleaning products

As we mentioned earlier, home remedies are great alternatives, but there are certain products on the market. At Decoesfera they recommend the Tarni-Shield cleaner, which costs just 2.90 euros on Amazon. Its price in El Corte Inglés is 3,55 euros. We add two more options to this so you have several products to choose from.

Silver Cleaner

Tarni-Shield – Silver cleaner, 250 ml. 2.90 Euros on Amazon.

Tarni-Shield Clean SILVER

Tarni-Shield Clean SILVER

For € 2.90 on Amazon today

Silver Cleaning Products

Time Yol Impregnated Jewelry Cleaning Cloth. 6.90 Euros at El Corte Ingles.

Chamois impregnated for jewelery cleaning

Chamois impregnated for jewelery cleaning

RRP 6.90 € at El Corte Ingles

Silver Cleaner 2

Stanhome Silver Cleaner. 12.18 Euros on Amazon.

STANHOME Silver Cleaner

STANHOME Silver Cleaner

For €12.17 on Amazon today

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