Why is everyone really good for nails and health?

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We’re sure you’ve wondered why the people in your feed suddenly decided to go over the nails en masse. To be honest, we were sure until the last moment that the nails were just stories from foreign movies until we tried it ourselves.

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Everyone learned that you can stand on boards with nails, thanks to TikTok, whose feed such videos are starting to appear more often. Later this theme was adopted by many celebrities and bloggers and nailing it became one of the main health trends.

The Fashion Vibes columnist Anastasia Shvedko, author of the Usafespace mental health blog and certified nail master, will tell you more about what a sadhu board is and why people dwell on it and expose themselves to pain.

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Anastasia Shvedko, author of the usafespace mental health blog

“When I was a kid I once stepped on a rusty nail in my grandfather’s barn, does that count as nailing practice?” The man asks in the comments below the video.

Nailing, like other means of self-knowledge, was immediately attributed to esotericism and impure magic. “Schisoteric” – users write in the comments. I propose to cast aside all skepticism and ultimately find out why people voluntarily stand on their nails. And no, not what my grandfather had in the barn.

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Nailing originated in India, and the practice itself is more than two thousand years old. The boards on which the technique is applied are called “Sadhu”. In general, sadhus are ascetics who renounce material wealth and devote themselves to the knowledge of life and spirituality. They were the first to try nailing.

Since then, of course, the practice has changed. If the sadhu stood up on the nails to approach the soul and plunge into a deep meditative state, over time people began to get up, among other things, to get rid of body blocks or make a financial splash. So nails are now an additional tool for psychological work, which has nothing to do with magic and esotericism.

To begin with, I propose to identify the benefits of nailing and unravel what physiological processes occur in our body.

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The benefits of nailing can be conditionally divided into several directions: physical, mental and energy.

What happens to the body on a physical level:

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  • Deep foot massage: There we have more than 70,000 nerve endings that affect the internal organs. It turns out that the nerve endings send signals to the internal organs and, in turn, control the correctness of their work;
  • Acceleration of blood flow (blood speeds up, so our body gets more oxygen);
  • Accelerating the lymph flow (lymph flow, is responsible for the removal of toxins in our system (alcohol, tobacco smoke, etc.) Standing on the nails accelerates the lymph and helps to remove harmful substances from our body;
  • Adrenaline release (immunity increases, metabolism accelerates).

What happens to the mental (psychological) state:

Shot from the movie “Eat, Pray, Love”
  • reduced anxiety;
  • It improves sleep quality by slowing down thoughts;
  • Increased resistance to stress;
  • Suppressed emotions arise.

What happens to energy and mood:

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  • Impact on our energy field. Due to purification at all levels, the vibrations of the whole body increase within us. Many work on nails with their negative attitude, which also affects our energy;
  • Self-acceptance, acceptance of various life situations, loved ones, letting go of complaints and experiences;
  • Insight comes: As we are able to enter our subconscious while standing, insights, solutions, etc. we can think of.
  • Entering a deep meditative state: We can feel the “here and now” state due to the slowing of thoughts.

Difference between nailing and nail treatment

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People always stand on nails with intent. By the way, anything can happen: let go of past relationships, accept yourself, cope with a psychosomatic disorder, etc.

It’s important to note that the guide won’t help you work on your request while nailing. The main work will have to be done independently.

What the guide does during nailing:

  • Helps you formulate intent;
  • Helps to stand on nails, monitors safety;
  • Helps in the process;
  • It immerses you in meditation, it encourages you, it speaks to you.

During nail therapy, the guide does the same thing, but with the help of various tools (energy therapy, meditation, knowledge in the field of psychosomatics, etc.), they work and do therapy at your request.

Important: nailing and nail treatment should not replace psychotherapy.

In addition to its benefits, of course, this application has contraindications. Some of them are: feeling unwell; mental illness; decompensated diabetes mellitus; blood diseases; diabetic foot; phlebeurism; epilepsy; severe cardiovascular disease; pregnancy; oncological diseases; skin diseases of the feet, etc.

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