5 unexpected things to avoid in the heat

5 unexpected things to avoid in the heat
5 unexpected things to avoid in the heat

Moscow has broken a long-term temperature record. Abnormal heat has settled in the capital. We have already told you how to dress in this weather, how much water to drink, how to avoid sunburn. It’s time to remind you of what you shouldn’t do in order not to endanger your health.

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Do not swim in fountains

Water in fountains is not changed often, as it is not intended for washing. And the heat only promotes the growth of bacteria and various microorganisms. If you do not need additional visits to doctors or medicines, we recommend that you admire the architectural object.

In addition to acute intestinal diseases and conjunctivitis, you can also suffer serious injuries by getting caught in a pipe, lamp or metal pin.

Limit the use of antiperspirants

Unbelievable but true. Sweating is a natural process in the heat. This helps regulate body heat exchange and prevents you from overheating. If the body is not allowed to get rid of excess fluid through various means, it can lead to heat stroke.

Drink less water in the evening

We need two to two and a half liters of water per day. Experts recommend drinking 80% of your daily requirement before 17:00, and the remaining 20% ​​before 21:00 in the evening. It turns out that this will reduce the load on the kidneys and help prevent swelling. We have previously described in detail how to effectively solve the problem of swelling in the heat. And we would like to note that we are talking about spring water, not mineral water and other drinks.

Do not take cold showers

Most likely a shower will help you freshen up. And in the worst case hypothermia. This will lead to a cold. The truth is that the body does not have time to adapt from heat to cold. Ice cream and cold drinks are also useful.

You won’t need a fan. And that’s why

If the room is stuffy, a fan is useless. The blades will only direct the hot air and create an imaginary cool atmosphere. In the end, this will only harm you; it will cause nausea, fatigue, dehydration, dizziness and headaches. And it is bad for your skin: it will become dry and irritated.

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