Affordable Europe: How to spend your holidays in Montenegro

Affordable Europe: How to spend your holidays in Montenegro
Affordable Europe: How to spend your holidays in Montenegro

Yes, now the words “let’s go on holiday to Europe” evoke shocking thoughts about the state of the bank account, but there are still countries that are easy to reach, and on this list, of course, the beautiful and majestic Montenegro is included.

We managed to get there in the summer of 2024 and are ready to share with you the best places that will make your holiday unforgettable.

We need to live on the Mediterranean coast, otherwise we decided that there was no point in starting all this and that is why we chose the Dukley Hotel & Resort, a balance of comfort, beauty and convenience.


The villas and residences within the facility seem like a natural extension of the hills and greenery, and this is very nice because on holiday you want to take a break from urbanism and fully integrate with nature, so that this world becomes completely clear. . To ensure a pleasant view, panoramic windows in the villas and residences overlook the Budva Riviera and the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a dream, that’s how it turns out.


One? Two? Three! There are so many private beaches at Dukley Hotel & Resort. It turns out that you need at least three swimsuits, almost like Uncle Fyodor’s mother from Prostokvashino bequeathed to you. But let’s get back to the beach – here you can choose what you like: the classic main beach of Dukley, the small pebble beach of Escape or Sumosan. Each of them has its own vibe: mostly family-friendly and fun, Escape romantic and private, Sumosan an expensive beach club. By the way, the latter also has an area for adults only. All that remains is to decide what your mood is today.

For kids

Dukley Hotel & Resort also takes care of its little guests, so you can safely plan a holiday in Montenegro with your child.

First of all, the hotel has its own children’s club with a rich entertainment and educational program. Second, Dukley Academy’s summer camps are open. This is an opportunity to spend your summer holidays with benefit and pleasure. The education, sports and entertainment programs on the Mediterranean coast will not tire you, on the contrary, they will improve you. Parents won’t be tired either, if you know what we mean.

SPA and wellness

The hotel’s spa has become a real oasis of calm where you can breathe and your heart soar. Massages, facial and body treatments, SPA programs, hydrotherapy… Let’s admit it, I wanted it again. Add to scale Group and individual lessons in a modern fitness center where professional instructors teach yoga and meditation classes.


Who doesn’t love to eat? We are very… That’s why we went to all the restaurants in the hotel and now we will make you want to book a room immediately.

Dukley Beach Restaurant – The resort’s main restaurant, located on the beach overlooking the Adriatic Sea and the Budva Riviera. The menu includes fresh seafood, local produce and international cuisine. Special attention is paid to seasonal and organic products, which the staff carefully selects from local markets and mountain farms.

Sumosan Chef Bubker Belkit manages the kitchen of the Montenegro branch of the facility’s famous Japanese restaurant chain, which will premiere in the 2024 season, and the menu includes lobster surprise salad, yuzu ponzulu and basil sea bass carpaccio. Black cod marinated in miso for 24 hours, as well as delicious sushi and sashimi.

Benedict Cafe – a cozy cafe ideal for breakfast and brunch. In addition to the classics, you can also choose a menu for vegetarians and the youngest guests. Oh yes, for those waking up for lunch on vacation – Benedict serves breakfast all day.

To escape – restaurant with original cuisine. The menu includes unique special dishes prepared using the most modern culinary techniques. So you should try it!

Dukley Beach Bar – A place to relax on the beach with a cocktail in hand. Need more details?

Shalom – Original flavors of Middle Eastern cuisine on the Mediterranean coast. The menu includes traditional mezze, tabbouleh and falafel, kebabs, kebabs, lamb and grilled chicken dishes. And by the way, everything is kosher, which is a real gastronomic rarity for the region.

Infinity Pool Club -Nice restaurant next to the panoramic pool on the roof of the Infinity Hotel (this is part of the Dukley Hotel & Resort). Budva Riviera and St. Nicholas Island has such views that you forget to eat without wanting to. But in vain, because the Italian cuisine in the restaurant is excellent (this is a pun!)

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