Lilith enters Libra on June 29th. Which zodiac sign will bring love and which one will bring money?

Lilith enters Libra on June 29th.  Which zodiac sign will bring love and which one will bring money?
Lilith enters Libra on June 29th.  Which zodiac sign will bring love and which one will bring money?

Lilith, the most mystical, mysterious and evil point of astrology, changes signs on June 29, 2024: It moves from Virgo to Libra.

Lilith, or the Black Moon, in our natal chart (and in prophecies, among other things), is responsible for the manifestation of the dark side of the sign it is in or the planet it aspects.

However, recognizing the demons within oneself is the way to tame them and therefore grow in the areas where they are caught.

Astrologist Oksana Tsyganova told The Fashion Vibes exclusively what Lilith’s transition to Libra on June 29 means and what it will bring to the zodiac sign.

Oksana Tsyganova, astrologer

What does Lilith’s transition to Libra mean?

The presence of Lilith in Libra for the next 9 months will make us doubt our choice, our desire to shift this choice to someone else. But one thing is certain: the winners will be those who take responsibility for the decision and start taking action. You shouldn’t say, “Maybe I’m not good enough for this job,” but rather, “Is this job good enough for me?!” It’s true to say. And it’s not about high self-esteem, but about the fact that you need to reconsider your experience of the previous 9 years (relationships, career, friendships, health, etc.) and say to yourself: “Now it’s time to say: take it to a new level.”

Lilith in Libra helps you overcome your demons of doubt when:

— You compete fairly with your competitors (sports, tenders, competitions, marathons);

— You know how to unite a team around you and recognize common achievements;

– In a personal partnership, you choose a partner and proudly demonstrate your union to society;

— You make fair decisions regarding yourself and others.

Who should pay particular attention to Lilith’s transition to a new sign?

First of all, those with the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Ascendant/Descendant sign in Libra will feel the influence of the Black Moon and of course Lilith herself.

Lilith was also in Libra during the periods mentioned:

20/10/2006 – 17/07/2007
12/15/1997 – 09/10/1998
02/09/1989 – 11/04/1989
04/05/1980 – 30/12/1980
06/01/1971 – 24/02/1972
26/07/1962 – 20/04/1963.

It is worth remembering that the choice we are given now is necessary and there is no wrong door, we should not be afraid to open it and move on.

Which zodiac signs will Lilith bring money to?

Photo: A frame from the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”

Aquarius, Leo and Scorpio.

Resources are expected to grow Aquarius And LvivHowever, the resources of Aquarius are not the same as those of Leo.

Aquarius must first pay attention to material values. If there is a clear goal, there will be opportunities to move towards it. Aquarius will have an unquenchable thirst for money: if they can correctly manage the resulting expectations, their income will be able to increase and they will be able to conclude profitable deals.

The danger is that Aquarians may want to be wasteful and spend all their savings on junk. It is best not to adhere to the motto “you only live once” during Lilith’s movement in Libra. Focus on improving your quality of life, increasing your personal comfort, but not through the momentary joy of a purchase, but through a properly established relationship with money.

Successful areas for Aquarius will be: production and sale of goods and services for women, real estate, food, restaurant business, agriculture, tourism.

Leos have the opportunity to earn very well and a lot from their work. And the more afraid you are of embarking on a new direction (or leaving a job), the more money you’ll lose. The doubt “I can/I can’t” must be resolved in favor of “I go and I do.”

And if Aquarius has a thirst for money, then Leo also has a thirst for power. If you have fear, it is recommended to resolve it with a psychologist. Most likely, Lviv has a project in mind to implement, so the next nine months are a great time to implement it: they will find an investor, provide a business loan, and still just line up to take part in the project. project.

Successful areas for Leo will be: cosmetology and everything that helps improve appearance (from dentistry to plastic surgery), psychology, sexology, banking, investments.

The next zodiac sign that may grow in finance Scorpion. Lilith in Libra promises representatives of the water sign not only an increase in salary and a good annual bonus, but also rapid growth on the career ladder.

If you are a Scorpio, focus on your career and self-actualization now. It is important to learn how to lead, build your team, and move towards a common goal. In a disadvantaged situation, Scorpios can spend their energy on constantly monitoring their employees and take on all the work themselves.

Successful areas for Scorpios will be: IT, public service, politics, social work, construction, design.

Which zodiac signs will Lilith bring love to?

Taurus and Cancer.

Taurus They will finally answer the question of whether he loves me or not. Ask your loved one “do you love me?” All we have to do is leave it behind with its questions. When the Earth sign turns its focus to children, creativity, and hobbies, romance, sensuality, and courtship will immediately emerge in the relationship.

If you are a Taurus and still single, you should not get hung up on where your love is, go dancing, go to the theater, add a holiday to your life and immediately “love will appear unexpectedly”. I was not expecting.”

A still from the movie “After”
A frame from the movie “The Advantages of Being a Candy”

The next sign to learn to build or rebuild relationships Cancer.

Set yourself a goal in partnership – to make the environment cozy and comfortable for your other half. Taking care of your partner can do wonders no matter what your personal or business partnership is. In no case should you be a bully in a relationship, this will greatly affect their viability; On the contrary, the greater the mutual support, the stronger the union (marriage) and the higher the income (business).

Suggestions for other zodiac signs

Aries — focus on knowledge, share and travel more. Possible displacement.

Twins — There will be a lot of travel, changes in the team are possible. It would be beneficial to schedule a health check for yourself.

Virgo — Rest after Lilith in her own sign. A new phase of life begins, taking into account the lessons learned from the previous year.

Emma Stone in the movie “The Help”
A frame from the movie “The Help”

Scales – there are fewer doubts, it’s time to share your experience and knowledge. When it comes time to take on students, the mastery level has already been reached.

sagittarius — it’s time to get inspired, create new philosophical ideas, create masterpieces.

Capricorns – do not hack what was created in the previous nine years. Take better care of your body and health.

Fish — move towards a material goal through spiritual development. If you seem to have outgrown your job, your team, or your friends, you don’t think it’s time to expand into new territory.

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