5 Movies That Will Make You Believe in Aliens

The loud news shocked the media: foreign scientists had recorded a strange repeating signal from space that was believed to be coming from an unusual neutron star. The source is also called a “white dwarf”. It is stated that as a result of various observations, astronomers have seen that the signal sometimes emits long, bright lights and sometimes fast and weak pulses. The so-called ephemeral radio phenomenon is unlike anything they’ve encountered before.

A still from the movie “Men in Black”

According to the report of Nature Astronomy, experts want to exclude contact with extraterrestrial civilizations (intelligent beings) because there is no official confirmation of this information yet. We invite you to remember the films that previously showed and told about the invasion of aliens on our planet.

“Men in Black”, 1997

A still from the movie “Men in Black”

“My favorite Martian”, 1999

A frame from the movie “My Favorite Martian”

“War of the Worlds”, 2005

A frame from the movie “War of the Worlds”

“Charm”, 2017

A frame from the movie “Attraction”

“Independence Day”1996

A frame from the movie “Independence Day”

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