Kvass and kefir: where to eat okroshka in Moscow this summer?

It so happened that for some reason there are many contradictory dishes in Russian cuisine. For example, when we put jellied meat on the festive table in winter, we argue about humanity. We are discussing whether okroshka is worth including in the menu of fashionable Moscow restaurants in the summer.

But one way or another, the dogs bark, but the caravan continues on its way. And every May 30, okroshka is still included in the summer specials of capital projects. After all, it is on this day that his holiday is celebrated.

We in the editorial office decided to follow the news and collect different versions of the main summer dish, both with kvass and kefir, for every taste.


The restaurant of modern Greek cuisine decided not to take risks and included okroshka in the menu in two versions – both with kefir and with white kvass. The main difference between the latter and the traditional drink is the wheat malt used in its preparation. In general, the taste of white kvass is sour and salty, but in okroshka from Pythagoras it strikes a perfect balance with the main ingredients – boiled turkey pork, boiled quail eggs, mustard and an abundance of vegetables and herbs.

How much does it cost: 550 rubles.

Address: Trubnaya Square, 2


Where else can you eat traditional cold soup this summer if not in a Russian restaurant? Here, too, they decided to turn off all gestalts at once, so the menu includes both kvass and okroshka with kefir. But Ruski restaurant decided to experiment with other ingredients, so don’t be surprised if you see bacon on your plate. Vegans, sorry.

How much does it cost: 530 rubles.

Address: 1. Krasnogvardeisky pr-d, 21, building 2, 84th floor, OKO skyscraper

Restaurant-yachts “Lastochka” and “Chaika”

Domenico Filippone, the brand chief of the projects, was so inspired by Russian culture that he decided to follow all the traditions. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, welcome the first okroshka in the selection with a sour cream tan! The basis of the dish consists of beef tongue, chicken eggs and vegetables. But if fermented milk sauce scares you, there is a basic alternative – kvass.

How much does it cost: 750 rubles.

Addresses: Luzhniki, Yuzhny pier // pier “Krasnaya Presnya”


The nomination “The most unusual okroshka” definitely goes to the #SibirSibir restaurant. Because there are seasonal fruits instead of vegetables and meat. Mulberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries are enriched with homemade kombucha and topped with tarragon ice cream. Yes, we are increasingly moving away from everything sacred. By the way, this dish is included in the breakfast menu, so you can try it from 9:00 to 14:00 on weekdays and from 9:00 to 16:00 on weekends.

How much does it cost: 980 rubles.

Address: Smolenskaya, 8


You should look for the classic okroshka at Zori bar on Krasnaya Presnya. It includes a smoked beef tenderloin roast, vegetables, herbs and a whole egg. But with refueling, everything is decided for you here. So choose: either with kvass or without anything. By the way, the second option also has a right to exist. Still, people who do not understand how to add kvass or kefir to okroshka prefer to be happy and eat it without dressing, like a regular salad.

How much does it cost: 690 rubles.

Address: Stolyarny lane, 3, bldg. 14

Photo: restaurant press services

Source: People Talk

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