7 phrases to help you recognize an abuser in a relationship

There are many stories about girls being abused by their boyfriends, and celebrities are no exception.

A frame from the movie “50 Shades of Grey”

Lyubov Aksenova experienced difficult relationships. The actress said she had to endure manipulation and humiliation. However, at some point, she realized that she no longer wanted to play the victim role and broke up with her boyfriend.

Lyubov Aksenova. Photo: social networks

Aiza-Liluna Ai also admitted that her ex-husband Dmitry Anokhin was rude to her. One day a surfer raised his hand to a blogger.

Aiza-Liluna Ai. Photo: social networks

Singer Valeria suffered from her cruel husband for nearly nine years. According to the artist, Alexander Shulgin isolated him from friends and relatives, humiliated and beat him.

Valeria. Photo: social networks

So how can we recognize an abuser? After all, during the dating phase, most behave respectfully and affectionately. We advise you to listen to the speech of a potential boyfriend: signs of a tyrant will appear in typical phrases, according to psychologytoday.com:

one.“The world is an unsafe place. I have to protect you. If you’re going to do something, always ask me first”;

2.“It would be better for you to answer immediately when I write or call you”;

3.“You make too much noise, you act obnoxious. Everyone thinks you talk too much. You better shut up, keep your mouth shut”;

4.“I am the master of this house. Either you do what I say, or you will end up on the street”;

5.“No one loves you, everyone loves me”;

6.“Don’t wear it. You have absolutely no taste or sense of fashion. “I’d better wear the clothes I chose”;

7.“Stay away from your girlfriends.”

Source: People Talk

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