3 effective ways to gain work experience if you’re just graduating from university

There are only a few weeks left until you pass your exams and defend your diploma. While you are anxiously repeating tickets at night, reading monographs and making corrections to your superior, it seems that the burden of obligations is behind you and you can already look for work and, in the end, do not depend on anyone. Maybe you have already worked part-time in a cafe or store, but you have not yet had the opportunity to gain experience in your specialty. And now you are faced with the difficult task of passing a job interview. But how can you do this if you are constantly studying? Where can you get this work experience? Let’s talk.

Do an internship

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An internship is a great way to gain useful contacts as well as gain the kind of work experience your employers are eager to see. Internships, especially in creative fields, are rarely paid. But do not be discouraged, because in the long run the game is worth the candle. Treat it as a continuation of your college education and then it won’t be so offensive. After all, employees are working hard to train you, so try to be as fast as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and keep your ears open. Look, you will be on the staff. Pay attention to internships abroad and various competitions for vacancies. Even if you don’t pass, you will gain experience.

Make useful connections

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There is no need to forcefully communicate with unpleasant people. It is enough to go to places where representatives of your profession gather. Imagine this is a hobby group. Is there a technology fair? Fashion Week? Total dictation? Movie premieres? Art parties? Exhibitions? Meetings with experts? Yes! All these are places where people from the creative industries, the world of science and technology, marketers and business representatives come together. While drinking a cocktail, you may make an interesting acquaintance who will be useful when applying for a job in the future. Do not hesitate to show your film stills to the editor-in-chief of a glossy magazine. Even if you get rejected, your link can be transferred to someone else, or at least you will understand how to improve the quality of your product and increase your chances.

Make money from your hobby

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If your job is a high paying hobby then you are very lucky. However, if you are just at the beginning of your journey, do not rush to collect millions with a shovel. Are you studying to become a journalist? Protect your blog! Are you good at drawing and sculpting with clay? Publish your work on a page on social networks and submit your work to galleries. Can you beat everyone at chess? Sign up for sports events! Are you running? Go to the marathon! Do you write poetry and music? Try performing in front of an audience as a street musician. Gradually, people will start to learn about you, and word of mouth and fan reviews can become your competitive advantage when applying for a job. After all, the road to success is almost always winding. Agree that a music company will not immediately agree to collaborate with a nameless person, but with an artist who already has performance videos and receives an enthusiastic response from the public, the producers are unlikely to leave the producers indifferent.

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