“Mine will look like this”: The wife of comedian Ilya Sobolev admired the figure of Jared Leto

It is impossible to believe, but actor and musician Jared Leto is 52 years old. At the same time, even young men can be jealous of her physical shape. The owner of a toned body with perfect abs attracted the attention of many fans. Apparently, Comedy Club’s husband and Stand up comedian Ilya Sobolev is crazy about her.

Ilya Sobolev. Photo: social networks

Natalya posted a video on her microblog in which Jared Leto appears with bare breasts. “Normal at 52,” the mother of three wrote. “Mine will look like this. Ageless men,” added the artist’s wife.

Photo: Social networks of Ilya Sobolev’s wife

By the way, in April, Ilya Sobolev’s wife gave him a scandal for a jealous attack on Anna Sedokova, for which he later apologized.

Let’s remember that Ilya Sobolev and Natalya got married in 2011. They have three children: Eva, Sofia and Ivan.

Source: People Talk

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