If you watched Elite and Skam, you will definitely love the new series Maxton Hall. And so

The number of movies and TV series about school and university is endless. It’s hard to argue with that. And the creators try not to limit themselves to genres. Remember the Spanish film “Elite” with detective elements or “Sex Education”, which deliberately focused on light comedy. The projects marked as iconic don’t end there. These could easily include 2000’s British “Skins”, Norwegian “Shame” (Skam) and of course the sensational “Euphoria”.

A frame from the “Maxton Hall” series

If you have been looking for a series in the style of all of the above for a long time, you will definitely like the German new “Maxton Hall”, which was released a few days ago. The story sounds quite trite: the most handsome and rich guy in school (read: the Chuck Bass of our time) begins to communicate against his will with a girl from an ordinary family (read: someone who is not worthy of him). status and location). But this fact does not spoil the series at all if you watch it as “chewing gum for the brain”. So if you need to get away from it all, turn on the first episode and start wondering if the typical tube will turn into a mask.

A frame from the “Maxton Hall” series

By the way, the project is based on the “Save Me” trilogy by German writer Mona Kasten.

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