“I am not Volochkova!”: Valeria quarreled with Joseph Prigogine due to separation

Singer Valeria watches her figure. The artist exercises regularly and eats right. Joseph Prigogine supports his wife’s desire to look better. Sometimes he shows how his wife trains on his personal blog.

Valeria and Joseph Prigogine. Photo: Legion-media

This time, the release of a new video caused a conflict between the couple. Valeria demanded that her husband stop filming her. “I’m not Volochkova!” — the artist was angry.

Valeria. Photo: social networks

Prigozhin complied with the singer’s request but released the video anyway. The producer really liked how the actor stretched. “I admire this. Swear mine but I liked it. He gets angry when I film him doing the splits,” Joseph explained.

Valeria most likely inherited her love for sports from her mother. Despite her advanced age, Galina Nikolaevna visits the gym. Previously, the singer admitted that he was proud of his mother and appreciated her beauty she.

Source: People Talk

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