Mysterious places in Russia where unexplained events occur

If you are one of those who do not believe in mysticism at all, then you can probably find an explanation for almost everything that raises big questions: from strange sounds in the middle of the night to shadows in photographs. But sometimes even the biggest skeptics can get confused by the inexplicable things happening in the world. Still, conspiracy theories often come into play – and now you Google all the versions of the sinking of the Estonian ferry and watch videos about the secrets of the Dyatlov Pass.

In this collection we decided to remember all the urban legends and collect the most mystical places in Russia where unexplained events occur.

Vottovaara, Karelia

Karelia is an unexplored region of Russia that many travelers dream of visiting. This place is shrouded in many legends and myths dating back to the time when pagans lived in these lands. And the most mysterious spot here is Mount Vottovaara, at the top of which there are about one and a half thousand large stones used for magical or religious rites. In general, there are several versions as to why this place has such a strong energy. Some believe that the mountain is a gateway to parallel worlds. Some travelers say electronics often break down and people have strange dreams.

Lighthouse Aniva, Sakhalin

It is not surprising that one of the most extreme and remote points of Russia is not devoid of mysticism. Aniva Lighthouse was built on the southern coast of Sakhalin, near the Kuril Islands, and quickly became one of the most outstanding architectural structures in the region. And many legends are associated with it, frightening both tourists and local residents. There are rumors that people visiting the area around the lighthouse have mysteriously disappeared. And you can’t do without legends about paranormal phenomena. Local residents claim that they often notice strange noises and sometimes shadows while inside the lighthouse.

Masonic Rotunda, St. petersburg

Let’s be honest, the The Fashion Vibes editorial team makes jokes about the Freemasons every now and then. Moreover, for the second year my colleagues and I have been planning to go on a trip to Masonic places in Moscow, but nothing happened. But before that, St. We didn’t know that such a location in St. Petersburg was located right in the city center. We are talking about the Masonic rotunda on the Fontanka embankment, located in a residential building. His fame began to spread even in the pre-revolutionary period. They say that Masonic rituals and other magical activities are held here. And at the end of the last century – concerts of the novice Tsoi. However, the most popular legend about the place is about a young man going down to the basement of the house and finding himself in a parallel world. And although he spent about 15 minutes there, he came back quite old.

Death Valley, Yakutia

Everyone knows there is a valley of death in America. What if we say we have it at home too? There is no drought or heat in Yakutia, which is famous for its untouched taiga. And let’s be honest, deaths too. The main mystical features of such a valley are huge copper cauldrons half submerged in the ground. Ruby hunters claimed that they went inside several times and even waited there for the bad weather to pass. But here’s a coincidence: those who once did this were seriously ill, but survived. Those who spent the night in a copper pot several times could not cope with the disease and died. That’s why this place was considered cursed and was given the appropriate name.

Molebsk anomalous zone, Perm

This place is popularly known as the M triangle. Particularly impressionable people believe that aliens can be seen in this location. It was first known at the end of the last century – a local hunter noticed a mysterious circle in a clearing. The grass inside was dried and crushed, and the snow inside the circle melted instantly. And according to him, two years later he came into telepathic contact with an invisible alien. After this story, the yellow media did everything to publicize the Moleb anomalous area throughout the country. And, of course, other versions immediately arose as to why this place carries such a mystical imprint. These include witches’ circles, the cosmodrome and the astral aperture.

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