5 Moscow verandas to meet with friends after work

The most beautiful time of the year has begun, when you want to walk all day and meet with friends. This means there will be ideal patio options.

It is difficult to imagine a Moscow summer evening without dinner on the open terrace. We don’t know about you, but personally, we feel the tiredness leaving our body after the working day at this exact moment. Therefore, we always approach location selection with special responsibility. However, it is important that everything coincides in this matter: delicious food, beautiful city views and a cozy interior.

We are already talking about five wonderful verandas where you can reserve a table and discuss everything and everyone with your friend.


Rooftop verandas are a special opportunity for those who want to enjoy city views. For example, the modern Greek restaurant Pythagoras has just such a terrace. The seating area here is designed for a hundred people, which means there’s a small chance of “grabbing” a spot even without advance reservations. By the way, a huge plus is that the veranda has its own kitchen and bar, which means no long waits, as is often the case with large projects.

Address: Trubnaya Square, 2

I like wine

In general, it is clear even from the name that the place is ideal for you and your friend. I Like Wine is located on Pokrovka, one of the friendliest streets in Moscow. Therefore, the veranda here is convenient, albeit small (designed for only 12 seats). By the way, the project turns ten this year. And by the way, this is a very serious age for a restaurant. So come celebrate.

Address: st. Pokrovka, 16

Yauza’s Place

Yauza Place patio is one of our favorites in the city. First of all, this is a great area where, in addition to going to the restaurant, you can do yoga, play chess or watch a movie outdoors. Secondly, in this green oasis you completely forget that you are in Moscow. It is an ideal place for those who want to forget all their worries at least for an evening.

Address: Podkolokolny Street, 16с4

number 13

Restaurant No. 13 in Patriki has a big advantage over its “neighbors” down the street, namely a veranda closed from prying eyes. Agree, a walk on the patriarchal summer evening is a separate kind of torture, albeit elementary. It is sometimes impossible to pass through the crowds of people and cars parked on the sidewalks. So veranda No. 13 is a real salvation for those who want to have a quiet dinner on the street without worrying about passers-by.

Address: st. Malaya Bronnaya, 13

“Dr. Zhivago”

One of the most advantageous verandas in terms of location is “Dr. Zhivago.” There is a view of Red Square, traditional Russian cuisine and quite affordable prices. Especially at the opening of the summer terrace, the “Star” cocktail was included in the menu of the project. True, you should look for the table in advance. It is unlikely that you will be able to sit here without a reservation in advance.

Address: st. Mokhovaya 15, in the National Hotel building, 1st floor

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