What should you do to dust your home less frequently?

You devoted the whole weekend to general cleaning, but so much dirt accumulated during the week that it seems as if all your efforts were in vain. Isn’t this a familiar situation? I just wiped the window sill, but as soon as I opened the window, the surface, curtains and indoor plants were covered with a fine layer of dust. And it feels like there’s no use fighting this evil. Of course, we don’t expect the sterile order to last forever, but why does so much dirt accumulate sometimes? We share useful home life tips that will help you dust your home less frequently.

Don’t keep windows open all the time

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Fresh air is necessary indoors, but this does not mean that windows should be kept open all the time, especially on windy and hot days. There is no need to be mistaken about the cleanliness of the air in the city: there are a lot of chemicals, dust and toxic fumes in the atmosphere. Also in the warm season, insects fly in from the street, including moths that can settle in your wardrobe. Install fly screens and keep windows half closed. The best option is to buy an air purifier.

Use antistatic agents

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Use special products to wipe surfaces. There may not be enough water. An ordinary fabric softener will do the trick: It contains substances with an antistatic effect that repel dust. Pour the solution 1:4 into a spray bottle, use and wipe with a microfiber cloth. Use screen cleaners for computer monitors. The same goes for any optics and equipment.

Clean from top to bottom

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Many people mistakenly start cleaning by washing the floors and only then wiping the furniture. However, dust falls on the floor and all our efforts are in vain: The wet floor in contact with the dust turns into dirt, which we spread throughout all the rooms with our slippers. So, start cleaning from the ceiling, then from the surfaces of cabinets and tables, and only after that move on to washing the floors.

Less textiles and decor

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When you get home, immediately hang your clothes in the closet or take them to the laundry room, but don’t throw them all over the room. Fabrics, especially synthetics, attract dust. Pillows, soft toys, tapestries and other textiles are also dust collectors, so it’s best to store them in drawers if possible. Similarly, dirt particles settle on the figurines, so store them behind glass. By the way, you can leave a carpet at the front door to prevent guests from carrying sand into your apartment from the street.

wipe the plants

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Do you love ficus as much as Jean Reno’s hero in the movie “Leon” does? If the answer is yes, then not only water, but also wipe the leaves! Of course, the plant will not be able to thank you, but it will definitely refresh the room.

Keep an eye on your pets

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Our pets are very playful and curious. They love climbing on objects and exploring everything. And they leave a piece of themselves, or rather their fur, which accumulates dust, everywhere. Make sure animals are clean and well-groomed. Brush them regularly and trim their nails to prevent hairballs and other dead cells from clogging the area.

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