7 useless things in the house that you need to get rid of without mercy

American comedian George Carlin joked, “Home is where our trash is stored so we can pick up more trash when we’re away from home.” The passion for hoarding, accompanied by the fear of poverty, makes us postpone trinkets and frankly unnecessary things for a rainy day. As a result, our house resembles a flea market at best and a dump at worst. We tell you which interior items you should get rid of without mercy to add more “air” to the space.

Old equipment and electronics

A frame from the series “Why Women Kill”

We are sure that a lot of non-working electronics are stored in your apartment or country house. An old MP3, a player, a VCR and VHS tape, floppy disks and disks, broken headphones, cables of unknown origin, a soap dispenser, a keyboard with missing keys, a broken vacuum cleaner or juicer, monitors and an old computer, old There is no computer, no paint cartridges. It is unlikely that you will use them. You can keep things that make you nostalgic, like your first flip phone, Tetris, Tamagotchi, emulators and other vintage items. However, the rest must be safely recycled (not thrown in the trash!) to avoid harming the environment.

Expired cosmetics

Let’s be honest: You probably have lots of bottles and used shampoos in your bathroom. Feel free to throw it in the trash! Now look through your makeup bag and let go of the things you really use often. Remember that expired cosmetics can cause an allergic reaction, acne or conjunctivitis. You don’t need hypodermic clamps, do you? The only thing you can leave behind are nice perfume bottles that can be refilled occasionally. The price of such a collection may increase later, but we are talking about truly valuable specimens (if any).

of your book

You may think it’s blasphemous to get rid of a source of information, but recognize that you’re unlikely to read some tome passed down from your family. And like everything else on the planet, paper tends to deteriorate. Yellowed pages and dust can cause household allergies without you even realizing it. Some things can be recycled and some good books can be offered to a library or donated to charity.

Clothing and textiles

Is your prom dress still in your closet? Why: Will you wear it somewhere again? If not, why not sell it and buy new things with the proceeds? If this is your hobby, it is better to throw away old textiles or use them in crafts. However, especially pillows made of bird feathers can be harmful to the health of the respiratory system. It is better to recycle all torn and faded fabrics.

Broken plates and kitchen spices

Most spices can be stored for quite a long time, but they too have an expiration date. Perform an inspection to prevent poisoning. You need to be like the Box in Gogol’s “Dead Souls”. It’s better to recycle all the jars and give appliances like the yoghurt maker and juicer to a neighbor or friend (unless you use them regularly). Chip plates, lidless containers, and other open containers should be thrown into the trash. It is better to choose new and beautiful examples rather than junk. We have previously written about where to buy beautiful tableware from Russian brands.

Accessories and useless gifts

Various magnets, notebooks, mismatched and broken jewelry, gifts from people you don’t remember fill every corner of the house. The belongings of people you do not like can create negative energy. By the way, we have previously written about which gifts should be thrown away urgently.

children’s toys

Childhood memories are very precious to us, so it is definitely worth keeping some precious things. True, there is no point in hiding toys in the hope of passing them on to your children. Soft toys, in particular, are real dust collectors and a perfect environment for bacteria. A quality thing (a construction set, blocks or children’s clothes) can be donated to a baby’s house, but often things from this category quickly become unusable. There is no need to get overly emotional while keeping these.

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