5 books about personal development that will teach you not to give up on the path to difficult goals

Aldous Huxley said; There is only one corner of the universe that we can be sure of improving, and that is ourselves. But where to start? Where will you get wisdom if you don’t have a mentor to help you on your path to your big goals? Bookstore shelves are full of self-help literature, but how to find truly valuable copies? Here are a few books that will teach you how to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

Neurofitness, Rahul Jandial

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Neurosurgeon and MD Rahul Jandial presents the essence of knowledge about the functioning of the brain. The author will use real examples from practice to show what factors will help us improve our memory, be more creative and work more efficiently. Particularly noteworthy are the stories from the operating room that reveal the secrets of the brain structure, as well as mnemonic techniques that will allow you to remember more information in a short time. Popular science works will be especially useful for readers with learning disabilities, as well as for mothers raising children.

“This is normal!”, Elena Rezanova

How to become a charismatic person and achieve professional success? Elena Rezanova, author of the bestselling book “Never Ever”, answers this question. In his new book, he touches on topics such as finding what you are looking for, burnout, the feeling of a glass ceiling in your career, and the balance between personal life and work. Rezanova examines the wrong attitudes that prevent us from earning more and shows how we can become a sought-after expert. This book will teach you how to overcome crises, look for innovative ways to achieve goals, and communicate effectively with people.

“Act like a coach”, Olga Rybina and Yuri Muradyan

The authors of the book not only introduce the reader to the world of coaching and show how it is different from psychology, but also present interesting personal development methods with examples. Just like Baron Munchausen pulling himself out of the swamp by his hair. Based on their rich personal experience, Rybina and Muradyan tell how to resolve internal conflicts that prevent achieving goals. But perhaps the most interesting thing is that these are not instructions, but rather an analysis of specific situations from a scientific point of view. For example, the authors refer to Braes’ paradox and his example of building more roads to ease traffic congestion, suggesting that the obvious solution is not always correct. Who will benefit from the book? For ambitious and active people who feel a “glass ceiling”, that is, who for some reason “stand still”. Especially for business people or students, and in general for anyone who wants to expand their horizons.

Anastasia Ivanova, “How to stop learning foreign languages ​​and start living there”

This book will dispel the myths that only people with natural talents can learn a foreign language. To do this, the author provides arguments from the latest scientific research, providing many examples from practice. The most valuable are the methods that help you learn the rules without getting bored and doing monotonous exercises. Moreover, the learning process becomes not only effective, but also exciting. Many life tips will be useful even for those who already speak a foreign language fluently, but do not know where to improve next. After all, learning a language is not a diploma or certificate, it is a rich world.

Psychomagic, Alejandro Jodorowsky

Alejandro Jodorowsky is a versatile man and visionary. He is a descendant of Jewish immigrants from Russia who grew up in Chile’s desert region of Tocopilla and became famous in France. Surrealist director (The Dance of Reality, Endless Poem, Holy Mountain), leading tarot expert, author of comic books and the unmade Dune, which had a tremendous impact on cinema (without him we would hardly have seen Star Wars “, “Alien) “, “The Fifth Element” (and other blockbuster movies). His book “Psychomagic” is a real storehouse of wisdom that can heal the soul. On the one hand, Jodorowsky’s memoirs about life in South America, where he witnessed magical practices. On the other hand, the book is about working with the subconscious, helping to overcome past traumas describes unusual psychotherapeutic techniques that help realize daring dreams and turn life into an exciting creative process. Particularly noteworthy are healing performances in the spirit of the surrealists, as well as funny stories about witchcraft and exercises to develop imagination. In 2019, based on the book, “Psychomagic, Art for Healing ” was released. Meanwhile, 95-year-old Jodorowsky gives tarot readings to everyone free of charge every week in one of the cafes in Paris.

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