7 techniques for a charismatic person to win people over without the need for manipulation

It’s unlikely that Dale Carnegie expected his book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” would cause such a stir: 5 million copies were sold in his lifetime alone. The work was written in 1936, but since then humanity has not stopped worrying about this issue. We often notice in the company that people are attracted to someone but run away from someone like fire. So what is the secret of a charismatic person? We tell you how to win others over without manipulation.

Smile and make eye contact

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It seems simple, but how often do we neglect this rule in practice? It is enough to look into the interlocutor’s eyes or meet eyes by chance, accompanying the greeting with a slight smile. To make it look natural, you need to practice in the mirror. You can try the technique on strangers. After all, a gloomy face often says: “I’m busy, don’t come.”

Search by name

On a subconscious level, people like the sound of their own name, so when you meet someone, you may immediately repeat it as if to show that you remember that person. In no case should you resort to nicknames or diminutive words such as “sunny” or “bunny”. The truth is that they have become so common that they only sound special in the mouth of a truly loved one. Also pay attention to how the other person likes to be addressed. For example, some people like to be called Romani by their full name, while others prefer the informal version of the name Romani.

asking for a favor

We are wrong when we think that asking for help will make us weak in the eyes of others. Perfectionists are completely convinced that no one can do the job better than them. But in reality, people like to feel useful. That’s why you shouldn’t be ashamed to ask people for favors. The more energy a person invests in you, the more attached he becomes to you.

Listen more and ask questions

Not all people are good storytellers, but that doesn’t really matter. After all, what do we love most? Of course, talk about your loved ones. So listen carefully and ask clarifying questions from time to time. Sincere attention will immediately win over your interlocutor.

Take a break from talking

Sometimes we finish our speech because it is not beautiful and clear enough, so we become anxious when we find ourselves in the center of attention. To avoid losing your thoughts, avoid monologue. Tell a story and interrupt the story by addressing the audience. The question is, what do they think about it? What would you do in a particular situation? Pause instead of babbling. Firstly, this way you will not be out of breath, and secondly, the break will allow you to gain time and express your thoughts more successfully. Do not underestimate the power of pauses, as silence is associated with power.

Reflect your interlocutor

If you notice, the strongest couples often look alike, like twin siblings. And it’s not about appearance, it’s about behavior. Their emotions and movements are so synchronized that they move as one body.

Pay attention to body language

What reveals an introvert and gloomy person? Of course, folded arms and an angry look. That’s why it’s important to use open postures when speaking. Carefully watch your feet, which should look towards your interlocutor. For example, nodding is instinctively perceived as approval, so people are drawn to people who are their allies. Sometimes you can express your agreement by closing your eyelids at the same time, as if saying “I completely agree.”

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