“He blows out the candles, I eat”: Evgeny Petrosyan’s family celebrated a double holiday

Evgeny Petrosyan. Photo: social networks

78-year-old Evgeny Petrosyan and his wife Tatyana Brukhunova are raising two children: a son named Vagan and a newborn daughter named Matilda. The star family celebrated a double holiday: the birthdays of Tatyana and the little heir. The boy was four years old and his mother was 35 years old.

The heroes of the occasion accepted congratulations on March 13, but only now the birthday girl shared the images on social networks. Brukhunova stated that they baked a “very delicate” Napoleon cake for the holiday. “Vagan is not eating, but I am happy. He blows out the candles, I eat. The comedian’s wife signed the video titled “Sharing of Responsibilities”.

Son of Yevgeny Petrosyan. Photo: social networks

Let us also remind you that the presenter married his assistant in 2019. The age difference did not bother the lovers. It is interesting that Petrosyan and Brukhunova named their first child in honor of the father of comedian Vagan Mezhlumovich.

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