The most scandalous love stories of stars for those who are still single

Valentine’s Day has passed, followed by March 8, and you still haven’t received flowers or passionate congratulations? You should not be angry with fate for its lack of romance; It’s better to look at our selection of couples who swear so much in eternal love that they later hate each other.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Photo: Getty Images

Johnny Depp lived in a civil marriage with Vanessa Paradis for 14 years, but never legalized the relationship, although they had children together. According to him, the actor has had close relationships since the age of 13 and his history includes the names of celebrities such as Kate Moss, Winona Ryder and Jennifer Gray. Therefore, the news that the confirmed bachelor would marry Amber Heard shocked many. He met the actor, who is 23 years younger than him, on the set of the movie “The Rum Diary”. Thus began their passionate love affair.

They married in February 2015, and on May 23, 2016, Heard filed for divorce from her husband, accusing him of domestic violence. In response, Depp accused his wife of lying, but in the midst of the #MeToo wave, Hollywood studios began to terminate contracts with the popular actress, but Amber Heard, on the contrary, began to appear more and more often in films and on magazine covers. The actor then filed a countersuit, marking the beginning of an epic divorce worthy of a separate movie. At first Depp could not prove his innocence, but he decided to restore his damaged reputation at all costs and filed an appeal.

Their trial literally spread into quotes and memes. While Heard spoke about Depp’s inappropriate drunken behavior, the Pirates of the Caribbean star publicly revealed how he left feces on the actor’s bed. Of course, I heard that he was in a hurry to declare that this was the droppings of a Yorkshire terrier, but at some point the hearing turned into a real tent and no one believed him. At the same time, her infidelity with James Franco and Elon Musk, with whom she spent nights at her home in her husband’s absence, also came to light. During the process, it was revealed that no one actually received the money taken from Depp, which Heard allegedly gave to victims of domestic violence. As a result, the court recognized Depp’s innocence and ordered the Aquaman star to pay the actor $10.35 million in damages. Fortunately, Amber Heard’s ex-husband, who did not have that much money, limited himself to only $1 million and donated it to charity.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Photo: Getty Images

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s union seemed ideal, so the news of their divorce in 2021 shocked their fans. At first the separation was peaceful, but as soon as all the important documents were signed strange things began to happen. Kanye became literally obsessed with the desire to win back his wife, who was already so fed up with his antics that she almost immediately began a relationship with Pete Davidson. The enraged musician later released a video of himself kidnapping his rival for the Eazy song and symbolically killing him with a bag over his head. Many of West’s fans and close friends, including Elon Musk, were seriously worried and began saying that he was crazy. The rap star is known to suffer from bipolar disorder, which seems to have worsened with his divorce.

“Hollywood is a giant brothel. Pornography destroyed my family. I’m talking about the addiction that social media encourages,” Kanye said at the time.

West then accused ex-wife Kris Jenner’s mother of supporting the intimate shooting of daughters Kim and Kylie Jenner for Playboy magazine. The musician also did not give up on trying to regain his TV personality, first with expensive gifts, then with threats. How much does an armored SUV cost $1.2 million? He also posted a photo of himself and Kim kissing on social media and captioned it: “May God help us be together again.” When that didn’t work, he became involved with Julia Fox and then Bianca Censori.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Photo: Getty Images

It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful couple than Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. But the star-studded marriage of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” collapsed after eight years. It is noteworthy that the divorce lasted almost seven years. The most pressing issue concerned the custody of their joint children – daughter Shiloh Nouvel, twins Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon, as well as adopted children Maddox Shivana, Pax Tiena and Zahara Marley. The reason for the separation was that on the plane, Pitt, while drunk, raised his hand to his wife, and then strangled one of the children. Pitt himself said details of the fight were misrepresented. The couple officially divorced on April 12, 2019. According to the court decision, both parents have equal rights to raise children, but Angelina initially tried to deprive Brad of the right to see his heirs. Until now, disagreements continued to occur between the ex-spouses from time to time.

So, in 2021, Jolie sold half of the Tenute del Mondo winery to a subsidiary of Stoli Group, controlled by Russian entrepreneur Yuri Shefler. In response, in February 2022, the ex-husband filed a lawsuit against the actress, saying Jolie violated an agreement requiring neither owner to sell shared properties without the other party’s permission.

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