Folk signs for February 29: what not to do on Kasyanov’s Day

February 29 is the rarest date on the calendar and is associated with many scary beliefs. People call it Kasyanov Day in honor of St. John Cassian of Rome. According to legend, God deprived the monk of his annual veneration for not helping a poor man pull his car out of the mud. The unfortunate man was helped by the respected Nikolai Ugodnik twice a year and Cassian only once every four years. Therefore, special attention needs to be paid in 2024, which is a leap year. We tell you things you should never do.

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It is no coincidence that there are many idioms with the name Kasyan: “Kasyan is heavy on both people and cattle”, “Kasyan mows everything with a scythe”, “Kasyan is against people – hard on people, Kasyan is also grass – grass dries up, on cattle – dies, on a tree “Tree “It’s drying.” Therefore, our ancestors tried not to leave the house at all on February 29, to postpone the decision of all important issues and not to let strangers into the house during the night. Otherwise, evil spirits may confuse plans or send illness.

Dreams seen on Kasyanov’s day are considered prophetic.

Early morning hours are a dangerous time when evil spirits roam around. So sleeping too much isn’t such a bad idea. Otherwise something like a car or door lock may break.

By the way, you cannot work too hard on February 29 because all your plans may fail or end in an unforeseen way. The same goes for important business transactions.

A strong wind on this day is bad, since Kasyan is still considered the lord of the wind. High clouds mean warmth. The thaw means a long spring (long wait for summer). Mist – for harvest.

Lost items such as wallets should not be taken.

Also, you should not go for a walk in the evening, because ill-intentioned people may jinx you.

It is better to postpone surgical operations to another date.

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