Owners of Apple Vision Pro largely complain about manufacturing defects. What happened

After excellent reviews of Apple’s new Vision Pro headset, users began to mass complain about a manufacturing defect in the form of cracks in the protective glass. This was reported by The Verge.

Photo: “Apple”

Over the past few weeks, owners of the newly released headset have increasingly begun to write on the device owners forum on Reddit about the emergence of a problem – a strange crack right in the middle of the windshield, near the bridge of the nose.

Most users write that they store the device very carefully (it also costs 3,500 thousand dollars). One of the buyers says that he wiped the glass with a special tissue and put it in the box, but when he took the box out the next morning, he saw a terrible crack.

Photo: social networks
Photo: social networks
Photo: social networks
Photo: social networks

Engadget believes all the buyers fell victim to a manufacturing defect in a particular batch. This is confirmed by the presence of the crack in one place. Experts attribute this to a design flaw that causes too much stress on the bridge of the nose.

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