11 years later: What do the stars of the TV series “Decious Maids” look like now?

The popular series was released almost 11 years ago. Four Latina maids with passions and dreams work for the rich and famous in Beverly Hills. We show how the cast of “Decious Maids” has changed.

Marisol Suarez-Ana Ortiz

Carmen Luna – Roselyn Sanchez

Rosie Falta – Dania Ramirez

Zoila Diaz – Judy Reyes

Valentina Diaz – Edy Ganem

Evelyn Powell – Rebecca Wisocki

Adrian Powell – Tom Irwin

Spence Westmore – Grant Shaw

Genevieve Delatur – Susan Lucci

Remy Delatur – Drew Van Acker

Taylor Stappord – Brianna Brown

Michael Stappord – Brett Cullen

Source: People Talk

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