7 books from the school curriculum that adults should re-read

Some of us study at school just because we “have to”, some of us because of our sincere interest in monuments of classical literature. One way or another, after many years the same works can still shine with new colors, which means it is worth rediscovering them.

“The Master and Margarita”, MA Bulgakov

The main novel in the life of Mikhail Bulgakov and one of the most important novels in Russian literature in general. Love, betrayal, God, dreams, creativity and Woland’s demonic tricks with his retinue – in school years it is difficult to understand the monumentality of this work, but after a few years it is still worth a try. Moreover, at the moment, a triumphant procession of the film adaptation of the book with Evgeny Tsyganov and Yulia Snigir in the leading roles is going on in Russian cinemas – to refresh your memory, why not?

“Crime and Punishment”, FM Dostoyevsky

Am I a trembling creature, as they say, or do I have the right to do so? The gloomy philosophy and detective plot of the novel fell in love with more than one generation of schoolchildren, but believe me, from the heights of past years the work, its problems and the personalities of the characters are perceived differently. Expect a modern interpretation at this year’s Kinopoisk reading with Ivan Yankovsky as Rodion Raskolnikov!

“Fathers and Sons”, IS Turgenev

In the context of the “great reforms” the book became a sensation and attracted everyone’s attention, and the image of the main character Yevgeny Bazarov was perceived as the embodiment of the new, post-reform generation and became an example to follow. For the youth of the 1860s. In general, Ivan Turgenev’s novel about the ideological struggle of two generations and the acceptance (or non-acceptance) of new rules of the game seems to have become a timeless classic, relevant both in the 19th century and today.

“Shame on the Wit”, AS Griboyedov

Who are the judges? This is a satire on the aristocratic Moscow society of the first half of the 19th century and its most prominent representatives. You will be surprised how much Alexander Griboyedov’s characters have in common with today’s “heroes”.

“Oblomov”, IA Goncharov

As a child, we shamed Ilya Ilyich Oblomov for his laziness and endless lying on the sofa, and now we have grown up and constantly shout “Zaaaaar!” The main character of Ivan Goncharov’s novel is a typical Russian nobleman of the 19th century, bored with everything; he is apathetic and lazy, and any activity causes him disgust and boredom, and therefore he lies on the couch and thinks. Until he is visited by his opposite in the person of a friend who awakens him.

“The Cherry Orchard”, AP Chekhov

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov’s last play, which he himself considered a comedy, and theater directors considered a tragedy. A story that resonates with pain in every heart, telling about the change of ages.

“At the Bottom”, M. Gorky

A play in which the main characters are residents of a shelter for the poor. It was the depiction of their lives that once stunned their contemporaries with images of a hopeless life and forced them to choose between a comforting illusion and harsh reality.

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