Where to look for unusual coffee: from the taste of Soviet sweets to salty lemons

If you consider yourself a true coffee lover, you should not only try standard coffee drinks such as cappuccino, latte or filter, but also diversify your routine with something new. For example, add something to your diet that will surprise you with its combination. By the way, this is exactly what happened to the author of this text, who only embarrassingly learned about the existence of cheese raff last year, thanks to the baristas at the Sage restaurant. This drink is one of the most popular among those who love sweets (yes, it is better not to look at the number of calories) and those who do not drink strong coffee.

This is how the idea arose to make an ingredient that would collect the most unusual coffee drinks in Moscow. Save addresses and prices so you don’t lose them.


“Alenka” is not only sweets and chocolate, but also a network of branded cafes and confectionery all over the city. And, as expected, unusual coffee drinks with the taste of the famous Soviet candies – “Cornflower” and “Footed Bear” were found here. For example, the first one is prepared with rose, lavender and jasmine powder and decorated with real cornflowers. And “Mishka” looks more like a gingerbread, but decorated with crushed hazelnut crumbs on top.

How much does it cost: 360 rubles.

Dolce Far Niente

If you have read the news that coffee is harmful to your health, try Dolce Far Niente’s strawberry-juniper latte immediately. The drink is prepared on the basis of vanilla milk with the addition of strawberry and juniper syrups. Meanwhile, the top of the coffee is decorated with dried fruits of the bush. It’s a little difficult to gravitate towards a healthy lifestyle drink. Especially if you remember all the beneficial properties of juniper.

How much does it cost: 400 rubles.


If you are one of those who prefer to drink coffee without milk and sugar, you will like Saviv’s drink. The best espresso tonic is made here by adding salty lemon. Be sure that this combination will definitely revitalize you, especially in the mornings. True, we personally prefer to try this coffee in the restaurant; We really like this served in a highball glass.

How much does it cost: 490 rubles.


KM20 has found the ideal solution for those who still try to limit themselves in coffee. Here, raf chicory appeared on the menu, an absolutely harmless alternative to classic coffee beans. It does not contain caffeine, on the contrary, it is rich in beneficial vitamins. It contains a high amount of inulin – it has prebiotic properties, normalizes digestion, helps control appetite.

How much does it cost: 450 rubles.


In Moscow, people are accustomed to buying coffee in a cup and drinking it while running, without even tasting it. Greek restaurant “Paphos” decided to correct this misunderstanding and remind you that you can drink coffee luxuriously, as if at a real ceremony. Therefore, we recommend anyone who wants to slow down to order “Clio” (aka Eastern coffee). When served on a tray, they will bring you a freshly brewed drink, two clay glasses and a Turk with olive-shaped candies. An ideal choice for those who are tired of running somewhere.

How much does it cost: 1200 rubles.

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