Where are the delicious dumplings in Moscow restaurants?

If you have thought that meatballs are a dish only for home cooking until now, we are in a hurry to disappoint you. In many restaurants, this location remains one of the most popular with guests. And the presentation of this dish often deserves special attention.

In general, dumplings are one of the most popular dishes of Russian cuisine. And as an authority, it even has its own day, celebrated on February 18. So today we will tell you in which restaurants you should look for the most delicious dumplings in Moscow.


Photo: restaurant press service

If you are looking for delicious meatballs, definitely start from restaurants serving Russian cuisine. For example, in “Matryoshka” several fillings are offered at once: from goose meat to rub with northern pike and musk. The presentation of each deserves a separate post on a banned social network. By the way, the restaurant will be hosting a festival in honor of the holiday—seems like a great reason to stop by for lunch. At this time, when ordering dumplings at Matryoshka, you will be offered the traditional Russian strong drink as a compliment.

How much does it cost: from 790 rubles.

Dr. Zhivago

Continuing the story about Moscow restaurants of Russian cuisine, the famous Dr. Zhivago with view of Red Square. Here dumplings are presented in several types: Siberian with beef, rabbit and pork, delicacy with crab, fish with crucian carp and original with venison. And in honor of the holiday of February 18, according to the same Russian tradition, each ordered dish will be served with a small bottle of “hot” drink.

How much does it cost: from 520 rubles.


We recommend moving on from classic meatballs to the author’s take on them. For example, you can try the chopped veal cheek dumplings at the tiny Zoika parlor in Patriarch’s Ponds. Spruce in broth consisting of chicken and porcini mushrooms, served with sour cream and sea buckthorn oil. Do you agree that this seems unusual? And all this corresponds to the restaurant concept for Patrick’s, which departs from the usual comfort food.

How much does it cost: 1100 rubles.

Ava Bistro

In the new Ava Bistro on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, in addition to the popular dessert in the form of a sandwich with red caviar, you should try another equally luxurious dish – namely, meatballs with veal. Surprisingly, no original serving has yet been invented for them (apparently, Loona dumplings, which are actually not dumplings at all, cannot be surpassed by anything). But it still fits in the “I haven’t taken any photos yet” section.

How much does it cost: 690 rubles.

Restaurant “Oblomov”

No matter how hard we look for unusual options, all roads still lead to Russian cuisine. That’s why your humble editor went to the Oblomov restaurant in order to awaken nostalgic feelings in himself. The job is done; The atmosphere of a cozy place was unlike any other, and the homemade meatballs took me back to my childhood for a few minutes. Now you know where to go for similar experiences.

How much does it cost: 740 rubles.

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