Effective ways to get your life in order. Advice from real people

What could be better than proven advice that you can simply follow and get what you want? In our material, we share such life hacks from the popular site Reddit and tell you how to effectively put your life in order using examples from real people.

If you constantly put off cleaning your house and then kill yourself by scrubbing the entire apartment, here’s a simple life hack for you. Set a timer for 10 minutes every day and go outside. You’ll be amazed at how much you can do during this time.

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Every person should drink as much water as possible, preferably at least one liter a day. It sounds scarier than it actually is. There is a solution: Buy a bottle of water with a milliliter scale or time stamp; These will motivate you to drink more.

Everyone has a chair or armchair filled with piles of clothes that pile up at uncanny speed, and then they just lie there because they’re too lazy to sort them out. However, getting into the habit of immediately putting your evening clothes in the closet will make your life a million times easier.

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Sometimes you need to organize your wardrobe and get rid of things you no longer need. This process will not only allow you to organize your clothes and make room for new purchases, but it will also allow you to deal with the clutter in your head if you really want to.

In the modern world, spending time on gadgets can improve your quality of life so much that you will no longer want to use them all the time. By starting without a phone or computer for just half an hour a day and gradually increasing the duration of the techno-detox, you will feel much better. Read a book, go to the park, spend time with loved ones – anything is better than mindlessly scrolling through social networks.

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Start saving a small amount every month. No matter what, try to do this all the time, then it will become a habit and at the end of the year you will say “thank you” to yourself and you will finally be able to buy something that you could not save before.

Just another little something to make you feel good. You probably don’t like waking up and seeing dirty dishes in the sink. However, if you wash it in the evening, your mood will not be spoiled in the morning.

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Slow down and take one day a week to rest if possible. It is impossible to work non-stop, study and try to achieve something. Everyone needs a break, so the best solution would be a completely free day. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself for it.

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