New details about the 3rd season of the TV series “Method”

We waited! It became known that director Yuri Bykov was going to shoot the third season of the TV series “Method”. They will begin this summer, and the premiere of the new episode is planned for 2025. Note that Bykov is already working on the first part of the project.

Photo: A frame from the “Method” series

“For a long time I was convinced that ‘The Method’ was a complete story and that there was no need to make a sequel. I liked the ending of the first season. I also wanted to focus on the author’s creativity. I was offered many different concepts for Method, but they were all slightly different from seasons one and two. This was not an understanding of the heroes, but an exploitation of them. Our current concept offers a completely new perspective, filling the story with new characters and allowing you to look at it almost like a documentary,” said Yuri Bykov in an interview with Kinopoisk.

Yuri Bykov

According to him, the first season of the series was “a comic book with the spirit of a scary fairy tale.” He noted that such an approach is now unlikely to appear aesthetically relevant. “The new concept has the opportunity to combine a modern and realistic perspective on a maniac and his life. This kind of aesthetic is present in my original cinema,” Bykov added.

Let us also remind you that “Method” was deemed worthy of the TEFI award three times. The main roles of the series were played by Konstantin Khabensky, Paulina Andreeva, Alexander Petrov, Alexey Serebryakov, Vitaly Kishchenko, Timofey Tribuntsev and others. The second season of the project was directed by Alexander Voitinsky.

Photo: A frame from the “Method” series

The series “Method” tells the story of investigator Rodion Meglin (Konstantin Khabensky), who uses a special method to find murderers. Law graduate Yesenya Steklova comes to her mother for an internship to find out the cause of her death.

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