10 movies about love that you can watch together on Valentine’s Day

Very soon, Valentine’s Day will come, which means that the atmosphere of romance and love will prevail. True, not everyone is lucky enough to find their soul mate, which inadvertently spoils the mood. We believe that this is no reason to be upset and not join in the general fun! We found movies about love that you can watch alone or together.

“The Master and Margarita”, dir. Mikhail Lokshin (2024)

The long-awaited film adaptation of Mikhail Lokshin has already broken a box office record and increased sales of Mikhail Bulgakov’s novel of the same name. The action of the film will take the audience to Moscow in the 1930s. After a performance based on a play by an author (Evgeniy Tsyganov) is canceled due to censorship, he becomes persona non grata. But every cloud has a silver lining: Immediately after the scandal, he meets the love of his life, Margarita (Yulia Snigir), who inspires him to a new love. Soon the heroes of his works – the mysterious stranger Woland (August Diehl) and his entourage – begin to live their own lives, and the line between reality and fiction blurs. The new film will greatly reveal the romantic story of the author and his muse, as well as the theme of creativity in conditions without freedom.

“The Great Irony”, dir. Woody Allen (2023)

An unexpected encounter between Fanny (Lou de Laage) and a former classmate (Niels Schneider) changes her usual lifestyle. His marriage has been falling apart for a long time. Unable to resist the overwhelming emotions, she decides to have a relationship with a writer at school who is crazy about her. However, her jealous husband (Melville Poupaud), who begins to suspect her of infidelity, is not ready to give up so easily. And the classic love triangle turns into a detective story.

“Past Lives”, dir. Celine Song (2023)

Nora has been in love with her best friend Hae Sung since childhood, but they lost contact after moving to Canada. During this time, she moved to New York, got married, and became a writer. Only 20 years later, fate brings them together again and they realize what their lives would be like if not for the circumstances.

“Forever”, dir. Landon of Castile (2023)

Hardin unsuccessfully tries to forget Tessa, but after the book about their relationship is published, he realizes that Tessa will not come back to him. He wants to prove that he has changed and goes to Lisbon to ask for forgiveness from his ex-girlfriend Nathalie, with whom he made the same mistakes. But she’s also not ready to forgive him, and her friend Sebastian is full of hatred towards her. Whether Hardin can get Tessa back remains a mystery.

“Lady Chatterley’s Lover”, dir. Laure de Clermont-Tonnerre (2022)

Lady Chatterley’s Lover is a film adaptation of David Lawrence’s scandalous novel, which stunned the public with its descriptions of sex. Young and beautiful Constance marries Baronet Clifford Chatterley, who was left paralyzed after the war. Because of her love for him, she is forced to give up sensual pleasures and the joy of motherhood. His married life is now full of intimate conversations and loneliness in bed. But everything suddenly changes when she meets a new hunter, Oliver Mellors, during a walk. A fleeting hobby turns into a real passion, which is in danger of turning into a scandal and losing everything…

“Country Sasha”, dir. Yulia Trofimova (2022)

17-year-old Sasha cannot decide where to enroll and avoids serious relationships with girls. For his complexes, Sasha blames his father, who left the family when he was still a child. And the overprotective mother, actively interfering in his personal life, makes the young man feel shame and guilt. An unexpected meeting with a strange girl, Zhenya, forces him to grow up and open his heart to love.

“The first person you meet” is. Kat Coiro (2021)

Pop diva Kat Valdez (Jennifer Lopez) and her fiancé Bastian (Maluma) seem like the perfect couple. Millions of fans follow their every move. However, minutes before she announces her engagement live, she finds out about his infidelity. Because of her feelings, she decides to marry the first person she meets (Owen Wilson), a math teacher who happens to come to her concert.

“Adult Fantasies”, dir. David and Stefan Fonkinos (2021)

Six stories of different couples. Some will be able to strengthen their relationships, some will seek excitement, some will never be able to get out of the friend zone… The short story with the participation of Monica Bellucci and Carole Bouquet will seem especially inspiring, it will make you believe that love is submissive at any age.

“A Couple for the Holidays”, dir. John Whitesell (2020)

Everyone around is telling Sloane (Emma Roberts) to finally find a boyfriend. After all, being alone is somehow inappropriate. But Sloane thinks differently and isn’t worried about not having a relationship. Australian golfer Jackson (Luke Bracey) thinks the same. In order to appease their relatives, they make a “friendship agreement” for a year so that they can get together during the holidays. But not everything goes as planned…

“Crazy Love”, dir. Thor Freudenthal (2020)

A frame from the movie “Crazy Love”

Adam (Charlie Plummer) dreams of becoming a chef but is expelled from high school due to his mental problems. He is forced to act like an ordinary teenager, hiding from everyone that he has schizophrenia. Meeting Maya (Taylor Russell) forces him to overcome his fears and open his heart to his repressed emotions.

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