February 14 Scenarios: Where should you go with your loved ones, your girlfriend and yourself?

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The most controversial holiday of the year is approaching. While some people always look forward to showing off their luxurious flower bouquets on social networks, others disdain it because they believe it is just another marketing gimmick. One way or another, this day cannot be erased from the calendar, so we recommend that you dive into the atmosphere of hearts and teddy bears for at least 24 hours.

We, the The Fashion Vibes editorial office, will spend most of this day together – presenting texts without any hint of romance. So let’s order our favorite heart-shaped pizza; This is our annual tradition. That’s why we decided not to wait for an invitation for the perfect date, but to find one ourselves.

If your boyfriend is a “golden retriever,” an IT expert, a tech guy, or if you don’t have one at all, we’ve put together nine scenarios on how to spend Valentine’s Day.

If you two love luxury

If you and your boyfriend surround yourself only with the most expensive things, feel free to go to the yacht restaurants Lastochka and Chaika on February 14. Imagine: a table for two and a view of evening Moscow from the river. Sounds romantic!

Moreover, on this day, each couple will be treated to a glass of sparkling wine and a heart-shaped appetizer – two portions of airy mousse with crab, marinated salmon and red caviar. In the evenings, guests will enjoy the live concert of the cover band with the most romantic songs.

If you haven’t traveled for a long time

If you and your loved ones still only dream of a holiday, this is a great reason to go on a gastronomic trip on February 14. For example, to France. The couple will have the opportunity to try the special set of chef Eduard Arkhipov at the Chanuar restaurant. Guests are offered the opportunity to choose between two time periods: 19:00 – for a bright evening with music in les garcons with music by the cover band Elen, and 21:00 – for an intimate dinner with loved ones.

If you want to be alone

Lovers should notice not only the time but also the altitude. Therefore, if you and your lover want to spend February 14 as if there is no one around, St. Go to AGA restaurant in St. Petersburg. Since it is located on the roof, there is little that compares to the view of the evening city from there.

By the way, on this day in the restaurant, every guest will be offered a dessert with a surprise – those who buy chocolate will receive gifts from the AGA team.

If your boyfriend is an IT professional

If your boyfriend is an IT specialist or you do not fully understand what he does, we advise you not to appear in very formal restaurants. You see, he’s probably not a very talkative person and can even withdraw into himself if everything around him is distracting him.

Now that we’re talking about the northern capital, head to the Under the Sea sushi bar. Lovers who decide to spend this evening with just the two of them will be offered three options for a heart-shaped set. They will also bring you a rose-shaped dessert, which is impossible not to accept.

If he’s a Golden Retriever

If your boyfriend is what TikTok calls a Golden Retriever, you should spend this evening at the chicest country restaurant, Eno Bistro. After all, the real “gold diggers” hang out not in Patriki, but in Skolkovo, where there is a tennis court, a golf course and an innovation center.

By the way, when ordering a themed dessert (a box of pink chocolates) in Eno Bistro on Valentine’s Day, you can receive a pleasant bonus as a gift in the form of a certificate to the jeweler.

If he’s a dark man

To begin with, let’s put a disclaimer that by shady man we mean a person who is always busy with something and thinking of plans to take over the world. And such a man does not have time to invent anything even on February 14, so in the evening you go to the usual “Coffeemania”. For example, we would be happy with this scenario. Moreover, in honor of the holiday, a box of heart-shaped chocolates prepared by pastry chef Elena Zheleznyakova appeared on the menu.

By the way, it can be a symbolic but very touching gift for someone dear to you.

If you don’t celebrate this day

If you and your boyfriend want to stay home alone instead of noisy restaurants, the most photogenic cake ever can accompany you. These are the types of cafes in Kalabasa that move away from the usual design and add romance in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Our favorites are the ruffle and heart cakes. Well, if you are a true sweet lover, get the cakes too because they have a message of love hidden on them.

If your friend today is a friend

If you are going to spend this Valentine’s Day with a friend, we recommend you go to Skvorets and try all the cocktails on the bar menu there. If you plan to surround yourself with everything pink, order three desserts at a time from the special menu – pancakes, brioche and fondant.

If you’re only in love with yourself

If for some reason you are celebrating this day alone, do not rush to roll your eyes when you see couples kissing. Remember that the main person in your world is you, so spend this day loving yourself. Get a manicure and massage, get your hair done and eat the best dessert in Moscow. For example, at The Nappe Bistro. It contains airy curd and fruity cream and coconut sponge cake.

And this time the icing on the cake is inside. To eat, you must open the heart of Nappe Bistro. And of course, yours.

Let’s be friends?

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