Which food are you according to your zodiac sign?

Personally, we at The Fashion Vibes love funny horoscopes. At the very least, this is a great opportunity to poke fun at the negative traits of each zodiac sign or to make sure once again that your best friend is an astrological twin.

To be honest, hundreds of horoscopes have been published on our website, but there is not a single one about food. The chief of the editorial team and the part-time author of this text decided to fix this. Therefore, today we find out what kind of food you are according to your zodiac sign.

PS The Fashion Vibes horoscopes are completely humorous. All characters are fictitious and the coincidences are random.

Aries – Draniki

Aries are real authorities who keep the entire field (read the chart) under control. Therefore, Aries needs to be the food that everyone loves and respects. Like potato pancakes, for example. I agree, when it comes to breakfast, you can of course have Greek yogurt with granola or, for example, trendy avocado toast. But you can also choose to be happy and eat a juicy potato pancake in the morning that will give you energy for the whole day.

Taurus – Dumplings

And although it may initially seem like Taurus is full of mysteries and secrets, these guys are actually on board. Therefore, if there was a meal, it would definitely be meatballs. In general, they are simple people and you would have to try hard for someone to dislike them. Most of the time they suit everyone’s taste. But they have a drawback – sometimes there are a lot of them.

Gemini – Salad

Light Geminis stay that way with everything and even food. So in the food world, they would definitely make a light salad—even without dressing. You understand that for everyone they are the most understandable people and do not pretend to be anything. There is really one detail that distinguishes them from others – so much is mixed in their heads that few people can imagine that these qualities can coexist with each other. But in Gemini, all this is very organic.

Cancer – french fries

Cancer’s patience, which has been consumed as quickly as the french fries that no one wants to bring to the table lately, is suddenly wiped out from the plate of the person who orders it. Therefore, know that if you take another careless step, you will encounter an emotional Cancer who, despite the beginning of the year, cannot stand it anymore. But in reality, these are all jokes. Just everyone loves both Crawfish and French fries.

Lev – Burger

If in the animal world the king of animals is the Lion, then in the world of food the main role on the table goes to the burger. First, he is not harsh on everyone, but second, he always commands respect. Now guess who it was said about? But do you really remember how SpongeBob cooked burgers? Shouldn’t lions be treated with the same concern?

Virgo – Jelly

Virgos do not tolerate wrong decisions and vague statements… just like jellied meat. One wrong step and everything will go wrong: both your relationship with the representatives of this sign and this dish. Let’s be honest, these two require a special approach. And even if it is difficult to understand in some places, there is a risk of falling in love irrevocably if you try to the end.

Libra – Caesar

Libra is believed to be the most unstable sign of the zodiac. For them, for example, everything is constantly changing several times a day, and they end up choosing the same scenario over and over again. For example, the person who comes to a restaurant to try something new and eats a Caesar salad. Do you understand the comparison? In general, in this unstable world, every Libra needs its own “Caesar”.

Scorpion – Shawarma

Already surrounded by so many rumors, Scorpios decided to live their best life and stop trying to prove to everyone around them that they are worth loving. After all, you can have compassionate feelings towards them just because they exist. Although scorpions seem scary at first glance, your whole opinion about them will change after you meet them. But everything is the same as with shawarma. At first you hesitate for a long time, then after the party you cannot imagine a morning without him.

Spring – Borsch

Sagittarius is the real life of the party who makes you fall in love from the first minute of communication. And like a true optimist, sometimes he doesn’t think about someone else’s problems because they don’t exist in his life. For Sagittarius, the main thing is to be outside the trends and mainstream, because for them it is simply humiliating to be the same as everyone else. In general, in gastrology, Sagittarius is borscht. Forever young and forever red.

Capricorn – Cheesecake

Stubborn at first glance, Capricorn can become the main favorite of large companies. And although they can act very serious, if you manage to have a heart-to-heart talk with them at least once, their inner child will forgive any resentment. And then be prepared for the fact that it will enter your life as imperceptibly as the third piece of cheesecake in the evening. And the most disturbing thing is that even this will not be enough…

Bucket – Pizza

Every person should have at least one Aquarius that will turn their life upside down. And it will definitely never be the same again. In general, Aquarius is the most honest sign of the zodiac and there is no point in pretending to be someone you are not. So in the food world, Aquarians are like pizzas, each with its own topping that can be seen from a distance.

Pisces – Cheesecakes

Dreamy Pisces likes to be the center of attention, but is not ready to stand out too much. And sometimes, instead of sticking to their own lane, they follow the well-trodden path, making only minor adjustments. For a clear example, look at cheesecakes in metropolitan restaurants, which are currently available in all possible variations. But still, this does not prevent anyone from loving Pisces and from time to time turning to them in search of stability and comfort.

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