5 books that will make you cry

Admit that sometimes you want to vent your feelings and cry your heart out. And if you’re one of those who prefer paper pain to digital pain, we’ve put together a selection of books guaranteed to make you cry. Shall we begin?

A frame from the movie “The Reader”

“A Little Life” by Hanya Yanagihara

Warning: The book contains scenes of physical and sexual violence and self-harm.

Mathematician Jude tries to achieve success in New York with his talented friends. It may seem like an ordinary book about achievers in a big city. But it hits much deeper. You experience all events as if they were happening to you. And the only question left after reading is: “How can a person endure so much pain and failure?”

“Flowers for Algernon” by Daniel Keyes

Thirty-four-year-old Charlie is mentally disabled. He also has a family, friends and, most importantly, a desire to learn. That’s why he agrees to participate in the experiment. The book is not the easiest to read, and at times the plot can feel like you’ve stepped off the pages and gone for a walk. But believe me when we say that the novel will make you rethink your entire worldview and look at the world around you from a completely different angle.

“White Bim Black Ear”, Gabriel Troepolsky

To maintain the water balance in the body, we decided to leave only one book about animals in the selection. This is a heartbreaking story about devotion, love and important human values ​​that unfortunately are not accessible to everyone.

“My Sister Lives on the Fireplace” by Annabelle Pitcher

Ten-year-old Jamie’s life is divided into before and after his sister comes to live on the mantelpiece. There is a complete disagreement in the family, the father does not leave the bottle, the mother has abandoned it, and the sister rebels. However, little Jamie believes that his sister will definitely return and he is ready to do anything for it.

Birds of America by Lorrie Moore

Twelve stories about broken, lonely, abandoned and resentful people. And each has its own misfortune. There is no one else here. You don’t need to read a book cover to cover to fully experience all the injustices in the world and the war being waged by people you don’t know. However, we personally recommend the story “Only These Are Found Here”.

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