7 ways to protect your energy

Have you been feeling low on energy lately for no apparent reason? We share life hacks that will help you maintain your energy, especially if you feel tired.

Throw away broken items

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According to Feng Shui, it is necessary to keep the house clean to maintain harmony. It is recommended to have as much free space around as possible. Clutter interferes with the flow of qi energy, which is responsible for the vital forces of not only people but also pets (if any). It is considered bad to keep broken items: a cracked kettle, a bag with a faulty lock, worn-out shoes, etc. Additionally, items from strangers can pose a threat if given with malicious intent, so accept gifts with caution.

Visit places of power

No matter how skeptical we are, there are places in the world that truly have good and bad energy. In places where massacres occur, energy stops and is not renewed. Therefore, it is worth going to temples and other sacred places. Communication with spiritual people will help you tune in to cosmic vibrations.

Surround yourself with optimists

Like attracts like. We unknowingly become infected with the energy of the people we communicate with on a regular basis. If a person constantly radiates negativity, it is better to limit communication with him. Everyone has bad days, but it’s different when it’s a lifestyle. Moreover, God often listens to complaints, but rarely to words of thanksgiving. Thank people you appreciate often. Avoid conflicts. Learn to notice beauty and find reasons to be happy. Surround yourself with happy people to attract good luck into your life.

stop blaming yourself

Reflection can be helpful, but self-criticism often has the opposite effect. I made a mistake? Accept it and move on. Life is not a blueprint. You can’t always do everything perfectly. You gain experience. Self-aggression and dissatisfaction can lead to health problems. Therefore, do not be a source of negativity yourself.

Take time to care for yourself

In order for the aura to be clean, you need to be able to relax. Leave it at work. Be sure to go for massage, swimming and other wellness treatments. This will help replenish the energy lost during the day. Go shopping, get your curls done, try on makeup and manicures. Add some romance and magic to your life! In short, do something for your soul and body.

Smudge your home with sage and carry the crystals with you.

First of all, it is necessary to ventilate the house more often, because moldy air has a depressing effect on well-being. Fresh air prevents bad energy from stagnating. You can increase the effect by adding sachets or scented candles. It will also be beneficial to disinfect the house with sage. You can carry crystals with you as amulets. Even Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham believe in their magical effects!

Find a hobby you enjoy

The ideal way to replenish your energy reserves is a hobby. Even in moments of sadness and anxiety, your favorite activity will provide you with a source of inspiration and escape. It is very important to find a job outside your professional activity, when you do something only for your soul, and not for records and deadlines. Play the piano, film random people, make crafts, master pottery or learn to make ikebana. This will help you be at peace with yourself.

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