How to properly celebrate the Old New Year: what you can and cannot do on this day

Old New Year is one of the most incomprehensible holidays. It seems like we just celebrated 2024 but for some reason we need to celebrate it again. But this is a tradition that originated a little more than 100 years ago.

As you know, the old New Year appeared in Russia after 1918, when a new calendar was introduced and all dates were shifted by 13 days. People spent a long time getting used to the new calendar style and eventually decided to celebrate both dates – the ordinary New Year and the old-style New Year, that is, 13 days later.

True, now the tradition is gradually fading away, but still many do not miss the opportunity to gather again at the New Year’s table. We tell you how to properly celebrate the old New Year.

Old New Year Traditions

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On this day, it is customary to set a rich table. Yes, we have just digested all the New Year’s salads and are starting over. True, this time you need to prepare pies, pancakes and baked meat for dinner. It is recommended that the whole family sit down for dinner. Then ask for forgiveness for any possible offenses to face the year in harmony.

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And the old New Year is a breath of fresh air for those who fast for the Nativity, because many Orthodox Christians do not set the festive table for the New Year.

What not to do in the Old New Year

The saying “You spend it the way you celebrate the New Year” also applies to this holiday. For example, it was believed that the chain of events that took place last year on the night of January 13-14 was closed in a single cycle. Therefore, it was always tradition to start a new era with a clean slate.

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It is strictly forbidden to fight or engage in any conflict on this day. Otherwise, the entire next year will be doomed to failure. It is also not recommended to wear old clothes. That’s why it’s best to do some shopping before the holiday and buy yourself a new dress or suit.

You should not borrow and lend, otherwise there is a risk of remaining in debt for the whole next year or completely losing all your well-being.

How to tell fortunes in the Old New Year

In general, January holidays are the best time for all fortune telling. And if you didn’t have time to do this on Christmas Eve, you can make up for lost time in the old New Year.

for groom

You need to leave the house at midnight and throw a shoe, boot or shoe over your shoulder. If the sock points in the opposite direction to the door of the house, the groom will appear.

On request

The left palm is placed on the closed book. They ask a question out loud, then open the pages at random and read a line or two under their palm.

for the future

Light the candle and wait for the wax to melt. Pour into a glass of water. Look at the resulting figure and find out its meaning on the Internet.

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