Vacation plans: a holiday with health benefits

If you want to return after the January holidays not only with a fresh tan, but also with the feeling of starting completely over, we know how to fulfill this desire.

Yes, in Moscow the weather is dominated by a snowy winter, while in Spain the thermometer rarely drops below zero degrees, and in the city of Alicante a confident average remains around fifteen degrees Celsius.

SHA wellness clinic has been operating for decades, offering a holistic and integrative approach to health through personalized wellness programs tailored to the needs of each of its guests. However, in order not to be unfounded, before making any recommendations, we checked the quality of the clinic from our own experience and now we share it with you.

Although SHA is primarily a clinic, here you will find a real hotel holiday with swimming pools, massages, live music at dinner, as well as the opportunity for a full health check. It will also be quite enjoyable thanks to the use of innovative devices for performing non-invasive tests that provide personalized information about patients in just 30 minutes. This means that you will leave the doctor’s examination with complete information about what you should pay attention to in health matters, how you should adjust your nutrition, and what habits you should get rid of.

Of course, the wellness program does not end with primary analyzes here, and after the check-up, each guest is given a procedure and lesson program, from hot stone massages to body masks, from meditations to lectures on sexual health. And all the information from the diagnosis is not only immediately entered into your personal medical record and the “My Health” section of the SHA mobile application, but also transferred to the restaurant operating on the territory of the clinic for the development of an individual menu.

Overall, the SHA clinic is a special place that stands out from its competitors with the wide range of wellness services it offers. For example, virtual reality training, psammotherapy – relaxing on a warm sandy bed and plunging into an ice bath, while learning to breathe correctly, which increases the threshold of resistance to stressful situations.

And among all wellness programs, in addition to standard detox and weight loss programs, there are also “Leadership Activities”, where senior managers are trained, for example. It also has its own Wellness Academy, where healthy habits are instilled so you don’t get “lost” when you return home. By the way, we also managed to work on this. One morning, a walk to the lighthouse was organized for us. We gathered at 7 in the morning and climbed the mountain easily for an hour with flashlights since it was dark. The sun had just risen when we climbed the lighthouse and we took our best photos. In total, the walk took about two and a half hours. And by the way, the daily norm of steps was already before lunch.

But here you definitely won’t have to worry about going hungry – the taste and quality of SHA’s healthy cuisine is once again confirmed, for example, by the recipe book The Power of Healthy Food, which contains more than 70 recipes from natural products. and even teas are SHA’s calling card with their proven therapeutic effect. And we had the opportunity to see for ourselves how easy it is to prepare them ourselves in the culinary master class.

Meanwhile, SHA does not stand still and plans to open a new page in its history in the new year with access to the international level and the launch of the SHA Mexico project. After examining many factors – climate, environment, access to various resources – the clinic team decided to stay in the Playa Mujeres area, half an hour from Cancun International Airport.

The hotel is located on 7 hectares of green space with a half-kilometer of white sandy beach, and just off the coast is the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef in the Northern Hemisphere, a huge marine ecosystem. Number of protected animal and plant species. Thanks to its scale, exclusivity, innovation and wide range of wellness and medical services, SHA Mexico will become one of the main reference points in the field of health and wellness – we have seen its quality from personal experience. Your turn!

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