PEOPLETALK horoscope: how do zodiac signs end relationships?

Being separated from your loved ones is an unpleasant thing. Some people have been holding grudges for years and do not dare to disappear, others, on the contrary, are almost ready to slam the door.

We tell you how each sign breaks down.


(March 21 – April 20)

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If the relationship has outlived its usefulness, do not expect Aries to rush to save them like a knight without fear and reproach. This comrade cuts from the shoulder and does not think twice before making a final decision. If the breakup does not happen because of wilted tomatoes, but because of something more serious, then Aries will not spare words to explain to the guilty partner what his mistake actually was. Of course, knowing Aries, their lovers may even be guilty of breathing too loudly.


(April 21 – May 21)

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Although the zodiac sign is also horned, it is quite different from Aries. It will cling to the relationship like dried buckwheat sticks to the pan. And not because his soulmate is so nice, but because he remembers how much love, time, and (honestly) money he invested in this relationship. Then there will be long and exhausting conversations until Taurus is convinced that the point of no return has been passed. Bonus (for an amateur, of course) – Taurus is one of those who know how to part ways amicably.


(May 22 – June 21)

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Gemini is Gemini! Today he will throw a plate at you and splash you with poison and send you to hell, and tomorrow he will write a huge message worthy of the volume “Love Letters of Great Men”. And all because Gemini is constantly blinded by all the good things that are happening. In short, they do not know how to break up quickly without phantom pain.


(22 June – 22 July)

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This zodiac sign will turn a blind eye to its partner’s mistakes until the last moment. We don’t even know what kind of apocalypse would have to happen for it to start sometime. Well, if this happens, Cancer will cry more than the person he abandoned. Info-gypsies “How to fix a broken love cup?” This is the person who enriches the style with courses.

a lion

(July 23 – August 21)

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Like any member of the cat family, Leo’s fur needs to be stroked. He is patient, but if the lover nevertheless brought the king of beasts to the white fire, then he will definitely release his claws. Leo won’t even offer a long list of grievances, he’ll just quietly slide into his lair, digest the unpleasant incident and stoically act as if the breakup didn’t upset him at all.


(22 August – 23 September)

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This relationship should not be erased, even if Virgo declares that the game is over. He decided this today, but he may change his mind tomorrow. Virgos are big fans of putting ellipses where they could put periods. Well, if the former half suddenly shows interest in someone else, Virgo will reappear like the devil in the snuffbox, because “it is difficult to find, easy to lose and impossible to forget.”


(September 24 – October 23)

A scene from the movie “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”

The Libra rule is to avoid conflicts at all costs. Like a spider in a web, he will wait for the moment to leave. At the same time, this cunning person, afraid to take the first step, will give reasons for his other half to do it on his own. That’s right, they can literally wait forever. How much patience do you need to be?


(24 October – 22 November)

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If the unfortunate person gets into a showdown with Scorpio, you can be sure that he will remember this theatrical production for the rest of his life. And then it will be the talk of the town – Scorpio will make a real show of the breakup. The icing on the cake will of course be remembering all the past grievances, unpurchased gifts and forgotten anniversaries. Scorpio skillfully knows how to inflict pain on the offender, even if he is the initiator, because Scorpio has spent the best years (months, days) of his life. Maybe that’s why you hear “oh, not Scorpio” everywhere when it comes to zodiac signs?


(November 23 – December 22)

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Sagittarius is a candidate for master of sports at alternative airports. He’s always on good terms with his exes, just in case. Considering how attractive this bastard is, the number of “exes” he can reach is pretty impressive.


(December 23 – January 20)

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If there’s one thing immortal in this world, it’s the mind-blowing Capricorn. When leaving, he will make his partner sneeze, so that he himself will be happy to run and drop his slippers. Moreover, the pre-caring Capricorn had already packed up his former half’s things and made sure that the unfortunate one did not confuse where the door was.


(January 21 – February 19)

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Aquarius perceives separation as a tsunami-like disaster. He will cry for a long time and try to convince himself that separation is better. If he comes to such a decision himself, good luck. Aquarius will carry out a completely special operation to cover his tracks: he will have to call Scotland Yard employees to find him. To merge silently, as if nothing had happened, is very in keeping with the spirit of this representative of the air element.


(February 20 – March 20)

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The fish swims with the flow for a long time, hoping that everything will sort itself out. But after they decide to break up, they don’t stop caring about their ex, so the breakup is comfortable for both parties. But this inhabitant of the sea depths almost never leaves a chance for reunion. Because, as they say, there are still plenty of fish in the oceans.

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