10 ideas on how to host guests who don’t know each other on New Year’s Eve

“The New Year’s mood is when you are glad to see even those who entered through the wrong door,” writer Mikhail Mamchich said humorously. And now that magical night of the year has arrived. Budget and menu coordination are now a thing of the past, salads are on the table, and your home is filled with Christmas aesthetics. A big and cheerful company is already on the doorstep, but there is one thing: they do not know each other very well. We know how to avoid awkward silences and have a great time together. We have compiled a list of interesting games for a great evening.

Play the “Bullshit” game

A frame from the TV series “The Big Bang Theory”

Although everyone may feel a little restricted, offering very active games is not the best solution. “No nonsense” is a calm and fun game that will help you get to know each other better via text. You will need a pencil and a piece of paper. The rules are simple. The presenter asks the player one of the questions one by one:

  1. WHO?
  2. With who?
  3. Where?
  4. When?
  5. What were they doing?
  6. What did they say?
  7. How did it all end?

Each player writes their answer on a piece of paper, then folds it and distributes it. Actions are repeated until the questions are finished. It can be changed, added to, but the important thing is that there is a story in the end.

At the end of the game, the page is opened and the entire story is read. Laughing is allowed!

Supports: A pen and a sheet of paper for each person.

Game “Guess who you are?”

A frame from the TV series “Friends”

Once everyone is a little more relaxed, you can play a game that involves active discussion. You will need sticky notes. Each participant writes the name of a famous person on it and gives it to his neighbor. The game will only work if the neighbor does not see what is written on the label and immediately sticks it on his forehead. Then, everyone in a circle must guess who they are in the game by asking questions. For example: “I’m an actor?” Your questions can only be answered “Yes” or “NO”. It is interesting to make wishes not only for famous people, but also for famous statues, places, cartoon characters. Guessing becomes even more fun.

Supports: Sticky notes and pens for each person.

play crocodile

A frame from the TV series “Çarşamba”

Now you can warm up by playing a familiar game with active movements. Let’s remember the rules just in case. The second player says a word to the first player so that no one can hear. The first player must explain this to the whole company with gestures only. For example, you cannot point at an object or a hidden friend. Dance, jump, squat and wave your arms. The first to guess becomes a new player, and the previous participant guesses the word instead. To increase the excitement, you can divide into teams and count points, or you can install the game application that will have ready-made words and even a timer. For now, consider how to display pineapple from the festive table and move on.

Supports: smartphone app or timer.

Board game “Imaginarium”

A frame from the movie “Jumanji”

“Imaginarium” is one of the most magical games with wonderful illustrations, which is a great help in communication. Through associations, you learn more about a person, learn to understand him better and predict the course of his thoughts. In a word, this thing is not only intimate, but also very cool in terms of developing relationships.

The rules are not that simple, but we will help you understand. Each player chooses a bishop and a set of voting cards of the same color as the bishop. You will need as many cards as there are people playing. Now you need to determine who will go first. The game then proceeds clockwise. All players’ bishops are placed on cloud 1 on the playing field. The deck containing the picture cards is shuffled and each player is given 6 cards. The player establishes a relationship. In each round, one of the players becomes the leader. The presenter makes an association on one of his cards, says this association out loud to the other players and puts the wish card face down on the table.

The main task of the players is to guess which of the cards placed on the table the presenter wants and vote for it. Each player selects a voting card with the desired number and places it face down. The presenter does not vote or comment on the images placed on the table. You cannot vote for your own picture. When everyone makes a decision and votes, the voting cards are revealed and the points are counted, because during the game your elephants move on the playing field depending on the progress of the game.

Supports: The game “Imaginarium”.

Board game “Danetki”

A still from the movie “Little Women”

By mid-evening, it’s time to dive into detective stories. Brainstorming the format of this game will bring new impressions to everyone. You need to start the game by choosing a leader. It will be great if this person is a talented storyteller, because you can add details to the story, complicate it and make it more interesting. What does it mean: The presenter chooses a card with the status “Danetka” and voices its conditions. He then looks at the answer without showing it to others. Players’ goal: guess what happened and retell it. To do this, you need to ask questions to the presenter. In this case, the presenter can only answer. “Yes”, “NO” or ““It doesn’t matter / I don’t know / Please clarify the question”.

For example, the classic detective story – “A bright light and it fell.”. Through questions, the audience must determine the reason. Maybe something has blinded the person and there is ice under their feet? Camera flash? The game ends when the incident is completely resolved. Use the deduction method!

Supports: game “Danetki”.

Game Nickname

A frame from the “Nancy Drew” series

It’s time to split into pairs. It’s a similar game to Crocodile, but it has some limitations. Participants are divided into pairs and sit opposite each other. The first player learns synonyms, gestures, etc. in the application. uses a word that he must show to his partner. For each word guessed the couple gets one point. If the process does not continue, the word can be updated; In this case, the team loses one point. A minute later, the smartphone is handed over to another couple. Those who collect the most points win.

Supports: Nickname app on your smartphone.

Board game “Pig”

A frame from the movie “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”

Sit back, it’s time to destroy someone. Of course, we are talking about another game. This is a fun and quick card game for any group of up to 10 people. Everyone takes care of themselves here. What are the rules? “Putting a pig” means getting rid of all cards, 8 on each. We take turns placing the card’s written value or suit against its suit. Each of the cards has its own name and meaning. For example, “cotton hoof” – when someone plays this card, all players must immediately place their palms on the deck. The player with the top hand takes two cards from the deck. There are special cards as well as some exceptions. The winner in this game is the first person to be left without a card.

Supports: game “Svintus”.

Game “Truth or Dare”

A frame from the cartoon “Frozen 2”

Many people are probably familiar with this game; It is especially common in movies or TV series. If the guests are ready for a little honesty, we offer to play in your company. The rules are very simple. The first player asks his neighbor, offering one of two options: “Truth or Dare?” If the answer is heard “Real”, then the first participant must answer any question honestly. If elected “action”Then he fulfills his neighbor’s request. Play then passes clockwise to the next player.

Supports: Game “Truth or Dare”.

Play the “Answer in 5 Seconds” game

A frame from the movie “The Chronicles of Narnia”

The game in interactive format will help open up all participants of your New Year’s party. First of all, you need to split into two teams. Each one emerges with a musical mission. For example: name three rock styles, a musical group consisting of three artists, three songs that are nice to listen to while cleaning, three associations with the word “radio” or “rhythm”, three musical professions, three musical instruments with keys. The opposing team’s players must respond within five seconds.

Tasks can be changed: not musical tasks, but, for example, sports, cultural and natural tasks. Everything is in your hands, the game can be adjusted to any interests.

Supports: game “Answer in 5 seconds.”

Write a message to yourself for next year

A frame from the movie “The Nutcracker and the Four Realms”

At the end of the evening, we suggest writing a letter to yourself for the coming year. Everything is very simple. The message should congratulate yourself on the New Year and wish your most cherished dream to come true. You can light candles and create the most magical atmosphere. With friends, this process feels even more wonderful, like in childhood. We are sure that you will achieve everything in the new year!

Supports: Letter, envelope and pen for each person.

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