Astrological forecast: checking the characters of “Slave 2” for compatibility

The project “Slave” directed by Klim Shipenko can rightfully be called one of the most successful Russian films of recent years. Sharp and topical comedy managed to captivate the loyal audience from the first minutes, and those who stubbornly believed that the comedy genre and Russian cinema were antonyms re-evaluated their point of view. The film tells the story of major Grisha, played by Milos Bikovich, who by chance (or not so lucky) finds himself in Russia in the 1860s.

And on January 1, you’ll be able to meet old characters again and meet new ones in all cinemas across the country. In the new episode, the plot develops around a spoiled girl Katya (Aglaya Tarasova), who, like Grisha (Milos Bikovich) before, does not hesitate to drive drunk, be rude to people and go unpunished. Katya’s mother (Natalya Rogozhkina) is a civil servant who finds it easier to turn a blind eye to her daughter’s antics and “excuse” her from the law than to undertake her re-education.

Meanwhile, while waiting for the movie premiere, we decided to check the astrological compatibility of the characters of “Slave 2”. Yes, you were not wrong, today, together with the astrologer and tarot reader Katarina Shorokhova, we will analyze the birth charts of the heroes of the cult story and check whether they match each other. Shall we begin?

Katarina Shorokhova

Grisha, the hero of Milos Bikovich, is a representative of the zodiac sign Aries, judging by the month of birth mentioned in the film. At the beginning of the first film, Grisha displays cynicism and indifference towards others. But a trip to the “past” changes him and brings to the fore other qualities he did not know before: a keen sense of injustice, courage, creativity and, of course, the ability to love and empathize. All this is really typical for Aries. Representatives of this sign, who have a rather harsh character, are always lonely.

What about the main character’s love interests? Why do you think in the first movie Grisha was not interested in Aglaya Dmitrievna, played by actress Olga Dibtseva? Checking their astrological compatibility will help us answer the question. Judging by the character of the hero, Scorpio is strongly emphasized in the natal chart. Maybe it’s his sun sign. Scorpios are not afraid to manipulate other people, using all available resources to get what they want. They rarely talk directly about their feelings and desires. Aries, on the contrary, loves straightforwardness and details.

He finds these qualities in Lisa, played by Alexandra Bortich in the first film. Judging by Lisa’s behavior, she might be a Sagittarius. She has a somewhat bold and independent personality, but she is also kind, sometimes vulnerable, and capable of empathy. Aries and Sagittarius have excellent compatibility, they think alike, are energetic, love brightness and activity. However, both signs’ love of freedom may ultimately lead to rupture. Did Grisha and Lisa really break up? We don’t know this yet.

What kind of relationship could arise between Grisha and Katya, a spoiled girl from the same “mother” mold as Grisha? The hero of Aglaya Tarasova is probably Leo. Judging by the trailer of the upcoming film, Katya is characterized by a love of gold and luxury, a certain theatricality of her image and a thirst for attention. Grisha may be attracted to Katya’s brilliance and expressiveness, but their relationship will likely be competitive. While Katya is trying to “pull the blanket over herself”, Grisha next to her will want to keep up with this and show off his surprise in the image of a prince. But even strong Leos turn into tender kittens in the arms of love, and Aries stop trying to solve all problems only with “horns”. Will such a change happen to the heroes of the new episode of “Slave”? We will find out very soon!

Let’s also look at the old heroes. In the first movie, we could observe the love triangle formed between Grisha’s father Pavel (Alexander Samoilenko), his girlfriend Anastasia (Maria Mironova) and her ex-husband, eccentric psychologist Lev (Ivan Okhlobystin).

From an astrological perspective, Paul is probably a representative of the zodiac sign Pisces. He is gentle, polite, it is difficult for him to make decisions on his own and he is afraid to take decisive steps. That’s why he and Nastya were just lovers for nine years. Nastya is most likely a practical Virgo who always keeps order, counts money and lives by reason rather than emotions. She is hardly aware of her need for love, but she does become aware of her desire to care for Pavel. Their compatibility with Pavel is quite high, because both Pisces and Virgo strive for high commitment in relationships, but their love languages ​​may be different: for Pavel – words, for Nastya – actions.

This is exactly what Leo realizes in his conversation with Pavel in the first episode of “The Serf.” Leo himself is most likely an Aquarius. Representatives of this sign always have a lot of ideas, they can be slightly removed from reality, and those around them do not understand them. Virgo and Aquarius can be good business partners, because Aquarius can come up with a great idea and Virgo can mobilize all resources to bring this idea to life, we saw this in the first movie and it looks like we will see it in the second movie as well. But in relationships, Aquarius often loses connection with his partner and escapes into the world of his own fantasies and ideas. Virgos, who are used to living in the real world, feel lonely in such a union.

However, even if we use the example of the characters from the series “Slave”, we can see that absolutely all people can change if they want (and not without the help of external circumstances). The zodiac sign is only our basic environment, and then we are free to develop our personal qualities and relate to other people in a new way. Let’s see how the heroes of “Slave 2” will cope with this, in cinemas on January 1!

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